Friday, January 17, 2014

The Rainbow in you

The Seven Chakras (Source)

Have you ever felt that certain colours effect you?
Do you have a lucky colour?
Is there a shirt which if you wear, the day turns from bad to worse?
Have you ever felt energized when you wear a particular colour dress?
The reason for this you may find right here.

When our Reiki master told us there was a Rainbow in each one of us, I couldn't wait to hear more.

He then told us about the energy centers in our body, the Seven Chakras. It is these energy centres that govern the functioning of the endocrine glands which in turn is responsible for the proper functioning of our body.

Each of the seven chakras has a particular colour associated with it. We get diseases when the energy of these chakras become imbalanced.

Together with the colour, there are also sounds associated with these Chakras. When you do the Chakra meditation you chant these sounds to awaken and energize these Chakras.

The following table will explain it in detail.
Chakra chart (Source)

Using the affirmations listed against each of the chakras also helps in healing.

Why do you think the universal dress code of Saints are either Safron (a shade of orange) or white?

Safron or orange balances the Swadistana Chakra or the Sacral Chakra which controls the emotions and intimacy whereas white, which is a mixture of all colours helps the wearer to take in the colour which he needs.
Black is a neutral colour. It doesn't harm nor does it help.

If a person starts to dislike red, it is an indication that his/her interest towards life is becoming decreased. 
Red is the colour of the root chakra which is the basis of our existence. Imbalance in the root chakra mostly leads a person into depression and even suicide.

For a person who hears this fact for the first time, it is easy to dismiss as myth. But you have to experience the energy and the changes it can manifest into your life to become a believer.

That is what I have become. A believer.
When we were being given attunement or Deeksha to Reiki, we were asked to close our eyes and just be thankful for the healing energy that would start flowing in our body after the attunement and  the healing power we were about to acquire.
My master was a seventy years old retired school master. But he could easily pass off as a fifty year old. Such was his energy that when I closed my eyes for the attunement, instead of the pitch black darkness which I expected, I could see a bright violet light moving in front of me. It was as if a powerful light beam was being aimed at my eyes. 

After the attunement session, we were asked to talk about our experience during the attunement. All of them talked about the violet light.

When we asked about it, Master said that every one has an Aura, an energy envelope around us and reading the Aura can tell what kind of person you are and what kind of job you are doing. During attunement because of the energy being channelized, the aura appears brighter and that is the cause of the light that we sees.

He talked how after meeting certain persons we instantly feel sad or distressed and how with certain others you feel a kind of calmness. How we instantly start to like certain people and hate some others. All that is caused by this energy field which surrounds us.

It was a Japanese Budhist monk Mikao Usui who had started the practice of Reiki. Our ancient scriptures mention the Kundalini Chakras and the power of meditation.
Another method which balances the energies of these chakras is Yoga.

 It is a relief that these ancient practices are now being revived world wide. 

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  1. Now that's quite an informative post. Liked it! :) :)

  2. great informative post. reminds me of shakthiman serial :)

    1. Thank You Amar Naik.. Of coz Shaktiman started the trend of traditional super heroes in India.
      There used to lessons to kids after each episode if I remember right telling the importance of many such powers. :)

  3. Great post. I will follow the importance of color in life. Thanks for sharing such useful information :)

    1. Do follow them and watch things change for the better. :)
      Keep visiting Bharati.

  4. Replies
    1. It is quite interesting if you study about it more. Everything suddenly starts getting connected and we begin to understand ourselves better.

      Thanks for the comment Indrani.

  5. Wonderful to learn this, Preethi!
    Even I have learnt Reiki, but haven't practised it :) Have you gained practice & experience to be a practitioner?

    1. I have completed the 3 A level in Reiki. I just practise on myself and my family daily.
      Kids from the neighborhood comes to me without fail during exams to get Reiki energy..:)
      Obviously they are getting results!!

      If you have got the attunement you can start practicing it any time. Go ahead.

  6. my knowledge got enhanced after reading this article .. few weeks ago a frnd of mine told me about thees chakras and the gods/deities related wid thm .. yr post added few more colors :)

    1. Glad this post was of help to you...
      Keep visiting...



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