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W is for Wings of Love: A Short Story in four parts

Wings of Love- Part One: The Thief

There he was, glued to the thing that they called a Smartphone, right at seven in the morning.  Someone should re-christen it as a dumb-phone.

“So much for the effort I took to remove the other one. God..Wasn't he on vacation?!! And here I am spending days confined on this boring cloud as punishment,” say Isabella, thinking aloud.

“There you go again. When will you grow up Isabella?”
Isabella squirm, hearing the angry voice of the matron angel. She quickly closes the peephole she had created on the cloud.

“How many times have I told you not to spy on earthlings unless you are specifically instructed to?” cry the angry matron angel.

Isabella stood with drooped wings, like a child caught red handed, without uttering a single word. She stood through an hour of lectures from the matron angel on the things-to-do and things-not-to-do- for -angels. So naturally, she was relieved when a messenger Angel appeared suddenly on their cloud.

“Archangel Uriel wants to see you. She is waiting for you in her chamber,” declare the messenger before disappearing again in a flash.

Archangel Uriel provided warning, healing, and love during natural disasters or trauma in the lives of human beings. A message from Uriel to a student Angel like Isabella was always a honor. The task sadly would be gruesome, most of the time.

Isabella looks at the matron angel for permission and when she nods, starts to walk towards Archangel Uriel’s chamber.

“Fly! Why do you have wings then? Watching human beings have made you a good- for- nothing –angel,” chides the matron angel and Isabella take-off at break-neck speed to avoid further chastisement.

“There goes the thief,” shout the angel children playing on the nearby cloud. Isabella makes the most appalling face possible for them and increases the speed of her flying.

While on her last mission, she had stolen the mobile phone of her subject, Mr. Tom Grande, the handsome superstar of Hollywood. The investigation panel had dismissed her explanation that she had done it for the benefit of the client.  After all, she had messed up with rule no.501 of the angel manifesto.

The reason she gave her friends was that the thing, which had millions of slaves all over earth, intrigued her.

The real reason was that she had fallen in love with the owner of it and genuinely wanted to help him out of the mess, the dumb thing had created. 

She was ready to face punishment, if it meant that he would be free of the menace. She was late to realize that those horrible things were readily available in markets and that her sacrifice had simply gone down the drain.

(.... To be continued)

This is a short story told in four parts, the first of which I am posting today. It had begun as a post for W but got a bit too long. So I decided to split and post it for the next three posts. :)

Hope you will like this.

The Story of a nutty Angel and her love for an Earthling.

This story is a part of Blogging from A-Z April Challenge.

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge was first held in 2010. The challenge is that we have to post every day of April, except on the four Sundays. April 1st is a theme with letter A, 2nd with letter B and so on till April 30th which will be Z themed.

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  1. Interesting theme... waiting for next parts...

  2. I shall return for the next parts and see what your little angel will do next.

  3. Oooh...this looks like it will be quite an interesting love story. Looking forward to the next three parts :)

  4. Interesting - angels / Isabelle and cell phones. What a vivid imagery this piece gave to me.
    great imagination u hav
    dropping by from A to Z --

  5. Yes, an interesting setup. Wondering why she thinks the smartphone is the cause of the trouble. Thanks for sharing, and great to meet you!

  6. Angels and earthling, Interesting and very current, smartphones. Brilliant!

  7. Interesting story Preethi.. Looking forward to it.. Angels and earthlings.. Awesome.. And you bring in technology.. Just waiting to see what happens next !

  8. What imagination Preeti...angels and smartphones...who would have thought?! Interesting...looking forward to the other two parts!

  9. Delightful read, Preethi and it's a superbly creative and unique take on the world of angels& this thing called Smart phone:)

  10. I just found you from the A-Z Facebook page and I can't wait to read all your angel stories! Congrats on making it to the end. I'm really sad that the A-Z has come to an end. How do you feel about it??

  11. Great idea, Preethi! 4 parts for the last 4 letters of the challenge :)

  12. Can I apply to be a student angel? But wait I can't give up my smartphone as it has such a super camera in it :D

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