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Z is for Zenith: Wings of Love Part Four

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Wings of Love : Part 4, Zenith

A new day dawned and Isabella was not surprised when Archangel Uriel appeared before her. When an Angel failed in her mission, the Archangel in-charge himself came as far as the legends went.

Isabella waited to hear her punishment.

“Memories are what teach the Human beings the lessons of life. By erasing his memories, you have made a terrible mistake. The regrets and mistakes, which make up his memory was going to make him a better person. You just wronged him in god’s eyes. Your mission ends now,” said Archangel Uriel and disappeared.

Looking towards Tom who appeared to be waking up, Isabella knew it was time to leave. Her mission had ended, truly.

She knew that Angels felt no emotions or pain. What was the heaviness that she was feeling deep inside her being then?

The eyes that were slowly opening did not seem sad. When he went up to the window to watch the garden outside which was bright with the golden rays of rising sun, Isabella found new hopes and happiness shining in his bright blue eyes.

Having witnessed his sadness, she wanted to be near him in his happiness.
The angry matron angel appeared by her side then and Isabella accompanied her without a backward glance.

The trial ran for an entire ethereal day, which amounted to six months of earth time. The verdict: She was found Guilty on the charges of violation of Angel Codes and regulations no. 13.

She was to lose her wings. Since she had made the error of committing a forbidden sin, she had to atone it by losing her status of immortality. She would become an earthling and her wings would burn to ashes the moment she touches earth. The panel allowed her to decide the place where she wanted to live on earth.

Her face lit up with a sly smile on hearing the verdict. This was no punishment. It was a blessing. Moreover, she knew just the place where she wanted to live.

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Six months ago, something had happened and it had erased the memories of his dead wife and kids. The only thing that told him that he had been married and was a father was the myriad photos of them that adorned his palatial home. It didn’t haunt him. It had seemed like looking into the photos of a stranger and he had asked them to be removed. The doctors attributed it to selective amnesia, which sometimes occurred in patients after a traumatic incident. He had drowned himself in his work completely and very soon he was at the zenith of his career.

It was a hard-earned vacation and he had set out on a solitary walk in the serene valley of flowers. The shrieks of a girl coming from the nearby woods made him run in search of its origin. When he reached the spot, he found a terrified and beautiful girl in the midst of flames. The flames had created most damage on her back and her clothes were almost non-existent.

Tom used the branches from the nearby tree to kill the flames and by the time he was successful, the girl had fainted.

Hours later, Isabella woke on a warm bed dressed in a dressing gown that seemed a few sizes bigger for her.

“So how are you now sleeping beauty. And pray, what is your name?” asked Tom and Isabella found that her cheeks had suddenly grown warm. What caused it?

“Isabella…,” murmured Isabella shyly.

“ suits you and hell … look like an angel . Just tell me where you come from…Heaven?” ask Tom mischievously and Isabella found her cheek growing warm yet another time.

 Isabella knew this was the beginning and that she had a long way to go. It was time to create some new memories for Tom.

She had to invent a story to convince Tom about the incident which had brought them near. With the kind of snooping she had done on him, she knew exactly what kind of stories he would believe.

Isabella smiled her most angelic smile and Tom found himself falling helplessly for the beautiful stranger on his bed.

It was time to grow new wings.This time, Wings of Love...

*****The End********

P.S: This is a short story told in four parts. It had begun as a post for W but became a bit too long. So I decided to split and post it for the next three posts too. :)

Hope you liked it.

The Story of a nutty Angel and her love for an Earthling.

This story is a part of Blogging from A-Z April Challenge.

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge was first held in 2010. The challenge is that we have to post every day of April, except on the four Sundays. April 1st is a theme with letter A, 2nd with letter B and so on till April 30th which will be Z themed.


  1. Very lovely ending... Great love story to end the A-Z challenge...

    1. Thank you Praveen..So much for your patience and support..:)

  2. wow what an ending . Reminded me all those fairies and angels fiction stories where they live happily ever after on earth
    well written Preethi
    Congos on finishing the challenge

    1. Congratulations to you too... What an eventful month it was...:)

  3. O wow, what a lovely story, Preethi. You thought of a great ending to this story. Time to grow new wings...I like that very much. Congratulations for successfully completing the challenge. And with what a great story as the concluding piece!

  4. What a nice story. Congratulations on completing the challenge. Hope you'll visit me today at

    1. Thank you Cheryl..Visited you in the afternoon..Lovely knowledge there..

  5. That is fab. I loved reading it. Well done.

    1. Thank you Jacqui Malpas for dropping by..

  6. I started reading it without actually realising that it was Part 4. Yes, I know you've written it in block letters - I blame it on my excitement to read short stories :P
    Interesting story there Preethi and pretty well executed too :)

    1. Ha ha..Sid..Glad that you liked it..Your comment is for all the 4 parts or just this one? :)

  7. I loved the ending...nicely written

  8. I loved your idea of breaking the story into 4 posts! Although I found the end, a bit depressing....he actually forgot the wife and kids :(
    But well the new wings were just waiting for him :)
    Congratulations on finishing the challenge successfully! Stay connected :)

  9. Great idea to split the posts up and serialize your story!

  10. Lovely story and a touching ending.

  11. So I've gone back and read the previous parts as well and thoroughly enjoyed them !

  12. What a beautiful and power end. You are a champ and congrats for wrapping up in style:)



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