Monday, October 27, 2014

The Golden Hour

A morning view through my mobile camera

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All my life, I have battled with the lobby of early risers- a grouchy grandmother who threatened me with an early version of ‘ice-bucket’, a mother whose many mornings were spent in trying to wake up her ‘worthless’ kids and later on a husband who hated my addiction to the snooze button.

Who will understand the desperation for that extra few minutes under a cozy blanket during the so-called cool golden hour than those who have fought with tooth and nail to achieve it? Who other than night owls will understand that the Golden hour is too close to their three am bedtime? Sadly None!

The early-risers-lobby out-number the Night owls in my family and extended family. The infamous night owls are disasters-in-the-making, a stain in their perfect world where the day begins even before the sun sets out on his daily run. Being a dedicated member of the night-owls-association, I faced maximum ridicule and was ostracized by the early risers. But who wanted membership in their elite club?! Not me!

But fate had other plans. Where my grandmother, my mother or my husband failed, a strict school management succeeded. A poor night owl was forced to embrace the golden hour so that she could send her little one, the apple of her eye, to school with a filled tummy. But no- I won’t name it the golden hour yet, because it is mostly the cranky hour when why-oh-why is my morning raga. But the mother in me, shakes awake my consciousness, and by seven I begin to marvel at my achievement.  Sundays and Saturdays arrive to spoil me again!

Grudgingly I admit, being an early riser is not bad. I am more productive the whole day, owing to the cooking and other daily chores completed early. May be, I will become an active member of the gang if I am able to curb my late night reading habit. God help me!

Another benefit is the beauty of the golden hour, the added pleasure of watching a beautiful sunrise from my balcony. The world is charming then and devoid of the chaos of city life.

So to inspire myself, I found some tips on the internet. I am sharing it for the benefit for aspiring early risers! 



This post is part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least once a day based on the prompts that they have provided. Today’s prompt is The golden hour : 6 am the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3 am bedtime? 

I am one of the guest authors at We Post Daily for the month of October.


  1. I'm a night owl who gets up early too :)

    the incentive for me to get up early is there, but nowadays, the rain plays spoilsport for the morning walk.

    but I could relate to the post, in that the sunrise and chaos less life appeals to me infinitely. I think that is the charm of the late night too, when I sit up reading novels or blogs. :)

    and I enjoyed reading it. thank you.

  2. The time when the world is asleep and me up is indeed the golden hour for me too! Be it early morning or late night. Thanks for dropping by Vinay.

  3. Count me in in the night owl league...I just love to keep awake when everyone else is sleeping..:-) But yes..a quiet, golden dawn ...I like that too...

    1. We are so full of contradictions, aren't we? Thanks for visiting Maniparna.

  4. He He.. Preethi ... very sheepishly, count me in too along with Maniparna.. yes golden dawn is attractive and beneficial but cant help dear... :)

    1. Welcome to the elite club of night owls Kokila! :D



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