Friday, April 24, 2015

Letters from Nowhere: Part 2: Unexpected Crisis

Letters from nowhere: Part 2/7: Unexplained

It was on a cool February morning that she had received the first mail. The subject line had been Urgent, which prompted her to check it.

Dearest Anne,

Darling, I promise you this…
I'll send you all my love
Everyday in a letter
Sealed with a kiss.


Taken aback, Anne had deleted it. She received a similar mail the next day and many more followed. Instead of reporting these mails as spam, she had created a folder for Shmily and saved the mails in them, steered by the romantic in her who believed in fairy tales and dreams come true. Like updates on twitter, the mails were never long. They talked about simple joys and love. Some were quotes about love; some were song lyrics and some others random musings. How could she trash them?

She never replied hoping to discourage the sender. The mails continued like a monologue. They didn’t reveal anything about the sender, but the occasional reference to sunsets or sunrises gave the impression that the sender lived in a different continent.
Leaving the romantic in her firmly trapped in the confines of her commonsense, she transferred the mail to her shmily folder, before leaving to the company canteen for lunch. Instead of being spooky, those mails made her smile in moments of retrospection.

The company cafeteria buzzed with the news of Twinkle’s transfer. Happy faces greeted the news one after the other.

“Hope the new Managing director is not a grumpier version of Twinkle. It would be cool if the new arrival was a tall, dark and a handsome young man,” said Sheila, Anne’s secretary.

Anne smiled.  Sheila was her age, but the difference in qualifications had landed them in different levels of the corporate ladder.

The one replacing Twinkle, Mr. Stephen Winthrop, though younger, was one of the strictest among all the directors of Arianna. He was a grumpy monster according to Twinkle, who had interacted with him at a few internal meetings. He was handsome indeed, if she could go by the photo of him on the company website. With the advent of Photoshop, none resembled their photographs these days. The distressing fact was that Mr. Stephen was on the board of directors of the company, being among the top shareholders. She would have to be doubly careful in her dealings.  

The next week was hectic as hell. With the added duties of Twinkle, Anne was putting in eighteen-hour workdays. Every day, crisis after crisis taunted her. For the first time in the history of their company, a consignment had been send back by a dealer claiming it didn’t meet with the standards of their contract. The consignment, which had undergone tests, revealed that low quality material had been used and was far from the perfection that the brand Arianna stood for.  Add to it, three more consignments were in various stages of delivery, all originating from the same factory, which had produced the lower quality material.

Not only was she in charge of the enquiries, the queries from the head quarters was eating on her patience and time. Twinkle was the one who had permitted the use of third party suppliers for that particular consignment. Anne had voiced her concerns but Twinkle had ignored it outright. Now with Twinkle gone and the new Managing director to take charge only after two weeks, Anne struggled to maintain her composure.

To be continued...

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  1. Have always loved that song. :-) Nicely written.
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  2. Loving the flow of the story here :)

  3. I am enjoying the story a lot and it's engrossing:)

  4. Things are getting more interesting with the entry of Mr. Stephen :)

  5. This is looking so promising now. Love your narration too.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  6. Aha! You have introduced new characters :) Love it!



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