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Letters from nowhere: Part 3: Vivacious

Letters from nowhere: Part 3/7: Vivacious

Anne had reached her flat, which was on the thirteenth floor and slumped onto the sofa, when her mobile rang. The caller was her father. With a smile, she answered the call.

“Anne…Is everything alright? You haven’t called me since Saturday. Are you not well?”

“No, Papa...Everything is all right. It is just that the workload is a little more. I am perfectly fine. I will visit you next weekend. Are you taking your medicines on time?”

“Yes…and that meddling neighbor whom you set to spy on me is checking day and night,” said Sebastian and his daughter chuckled remembering their sweet and caring neighbor Clara.

“I will tell you how you can get rid of her interrogations. Just marry her. Then at least I can sit peacefully here,” said Anne.

“Enough kid, I am busy searching someone for you. I am not marriageable material anymore. God, I am fifty-nine. And you are not getting young as the days ticks by,” said Sebastian, and Anne mentally cursed herself for mentioning the topic of marriage.

Now her sweet Papa would jumpstart the marriage bandwagon again with the help of Carol aunty. Everyday photos of prospective grooms would start to arrive in her inbox. Her indifference had suspended action in that area for quite some time. God, please help.

Anne had lost her mother, the brightest presence in their lives, at the age of fifteen to cancer. With her death, happiness had taken a backbench in their life. They had lived from day to day, and didn’t have much expectations from life. The arrival of Carol aunty, their bubbly neighbor five years ago, had brought a little sunshine to their lives. Carol Braganza was from Goa and had settled in Bangalore in the flat next to theirs after the death of her husband.

Anne knew her father was in love with Clara and that she too returned the feelings. The fact that Anne at the age of twenty-eight was still unmarried was a huge worry for her father, who was a stoic member of the old mentality. Every time she visited, she could perceive the anguish in the eyes of her father.

“Papa… God will have to send someone custom made for me. Most of the men around here find me intimidating,” said Anne, trying to dissuade her father from engaging in his futile quest for a suitable groom.

“Shut up. What is wrong with you? You are extremely good looking. Carol swears by that. I don’t doubt that either. You are like your mother and you know how much I adored her. The one for you is just around the corner. But you won’t even bother to check,” said Sebastian and Anne snorted.  Around the corner indeed!!

“Okay papa. Don’t scold. I will check all the nook and corners from now on. Please don’t worry. Am I not your sweet girl? Now be good and go to sleep. I have to eat my dinner,” said Anne.

To be continued...
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  1. I like how this story is progressing. Looking forward to the next one.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  2. Ah, that's the story of every girl who is of "marriageable" age. But I love the relationship that Anne shares with her father.

  3. Love the pace of narration, chemistry between protagonists, subdued conflicts and expressions. You expressed so well how parents can't get over the fact that children grow up and they get over protective.

  4. I hope there are happy endings all along. Look forward to the next part.

  5. Like this one. looking forward to the next chapter
    My A-Z posts here:

  6. Great story building up. I am eager to know if her Papa would finally settle down with Clara.



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