Monday, April 27, 2015

Letters from nowhere: Part 4: Whimsical

Letters from nowhere: Part 4/7: Whimsical

After her father cut the call, Anne ordered a pizza. While she waited, she logged on to the internet on her android phone.

A new mail from Shmily had popped up in her inbox.

Dear Anne,

I have landed in your city. With you here, I feel I have landed in paradise.
Until we meet.

Shaking her head, she transferred the mail to its usual folder. Who was this? It was true that she had started to like this person. Her disdain had not stopped him from sending the mails.

But Shmily, the name itself sounded fake. Was it an acronym or something?
Typing Shmily onto the search box on Google, she hit the search button. Contrary to her expectations, they were many links. The first link was that of a Intrigued, she clicked on it. The page told the story of an old American couple who were married for over half a century, and played their own special game from the time they had met each other. The goal of their game was to write the word "SHMILY" in a surprise place for the other to find. 
Their granddaughter started the website in their memory and it now sold SHMILY coins made of wood and many other goodies to lovers around the world.

The story touched her and reminded her of her own parents and the death of her mother. They too were madly in love with each other.

Anne stared at the screen with wide eyes when she saw the expansion of shmily. It was the acronym for See How Much I Love You.

See how much I Love You?!!… This was so corny.

Who was the insane person who had disguised himself under this acronym? Was he serious about being in love with her? If yes, why was he not revealing his identity? Did she seem unapproachable?

Next morning, on her desk a bouquet of pink roses awaited her. Pinned with it was a coin that said SHMILY, the same sort she had seen on the website.
Frustrated, Anne ringed for Sheila. She was equally puzzled but recognized the SHMILY coin.

“Who is this sweet person? How I wish I had someone to deliver such a bouquet to me,” said Sheila, with a sly smile.

“You keep it then. I don’t have time for such nonsense. My head is threatening to burst with the workload. And the new director...he will arrive only next Monday. I have to manage a whole week on my own,” said Anne, handing over the bouquet to Sheila.

“I’ll take the flowers. You keep the coin. See how much the person loves you,” said Sheila, and ran off fearing a hollering from Anne.

To be continued...

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  1. Now I'm intrigued. Is there connection between SHMILY and the new director?

  2. I was thinking the same as Prasanna! Getting curioser and curioser. But he hasn't met her before, has he? Good going Preethi :)

  3. Oh I love how this story is progressing. So curious as to what happens next.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*



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