Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Letters from nowhere: Part 5: Xickovit

Letters from nowhere: Part 5/7: Xickovit

Anne kept the coin in her bag and tried to ignore the way her heart was thudding at her ribs. The romantic in her was demanding answers. The office boy confessed that it had come from the nearby flower shop. It had her name and designation written on it. 

Enquiries at the flower shop too lead to a dead end. A small girl had come in with the coin and the money to purchase the bouquet. The owner did not recognize the girl.

A mail from Shmily confirmed her doubt.

To my dearest,
You look adorable in red. Did you like the roses?

Anne shuddered. She was dressed in a red tunic top. This time she deleted the mail and emptied the folder she had created for Shmily. During the lunch hour, she called Gayathri, her classmate and vented her troubles.

“You deleted the mail? You should not have done that. Forward it to cyber police and they will find the person for you. By the way, why are you so tensed? It might be someone who has fallen in love with you. If I were in your place, I would have married the person by now. Why don’t you answer his mails? You will get to know the person,” said Gayathri.

“Gayu… the guy seems like a lunatic. Who will find me attractive? I am a giant, tall, broad and dark.”

“Stop criticizing yourself Anne. There are many who adore you. You are the only person who cannot stand your appearance. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Understand that. If someone finds you attractive, and goes to such extends of displaying his love, why can’t you admit that you are worth it? Break that impenetrable wall of despair you have built around you. Start believing people, Anne. Even the ugliest people in the world deserve love. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a chance,” said Gayathri.

Anne cut the call unable to speak anything. Had she really crawled into an impenetrable shell? Was she being prejudiced about her ability to find love?
The many mails from the head quarters made her forget about the rosy side of things and she immersed herself in work. The good news was that the enquiries inside the company had identified a certain supplies manager as the key to the low quality material used in the rejected consignment. The bad news was that he had gone missing. With him missing, there was no way they could find who else were involved in the murky business, which was threatening the reputation of the whole company.

The company sales had dipped to an all time low. The directors were furious. The new managing director had ordered Anne to mail scores of data about the various suppliers in Bangalore for their factory and their addresses.

The week passed rapidly but not without any incidence. Two more bouquets had come and this time she had allowed them to stay on her own desk. At least the flowers would lend a bit of colour to her dull existence. The coins had found way to her bag as usual.

Her promised visit to her father on Friday had to be cancelled owing to the many files that needed to be prepared for the new director who would take charge the following Monday.

To be Continued...

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  1. I am getting more and more certain that the new managing director is SHMILY. Looking forward to the next one.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  2. Wooo this is getting more and more exciting!

    Cannot wait for the next part :)

  3. I also think it is the new director.... lovely :)
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