Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Letters from nowhere: Part 6: Yucky yet...

Letters from nowhere: Part 6/7: Yucky, yet...

Monday arrived and so did a new tormentor in her life. Though he looked like a Greek god, he turned out to be grouchy and refused to listen to her explanations about the consignment fiasco.

“Miss Anne, it would have been better if we had not left the company to the mercy of females like Twinkle and you. Please keep yourself busy with your other works. We have appointed other people to look into the matter. You need not rack you sleeping grey cells over it,” Stephen Winthrop screamed at her. Anne left his office with her hands itching to wring the arrogant neck of the grumpy pig.

A mail from Shmily awaited in her inbox. She clicked on it muttering the vilest curses.

Lovely Anne,
How are you today, dear? Seeing you every day is sheer torture.

Fuming, Anne hit on the reply button.

Who are you, you BASTARD?
Why are you torturing me? Apart from you, god has added a grumpy pig of a boss to the list of people who have set out to make my life a living hell.
You are wasting your time on me. You cannot woo me with roses or Shmily coins. Please leave me alone.
 Or else I will approach the cyber police.

After clicking on the send button, Anne regretted it. The only person who was sending happy mails to her these days was Shmily and she had vented all her anger on him. But he deserved it, didn’t he?

A mail pinged the next moment and it was again from Shmily.

I think I should thank your grumpy boss for driving you mad. Though I received the brunt for it, I am happy you replied to my mail. Excited... :)

Anne hit on the reply button and typed.

Ok...Join the gang and may be you all will succeed in making me mad. What is it that makes you think that I enjoy being stalked? No sane girl will. Please understand.
If you truly love me, tell me that in person. Please keep things sane. I am going mad.

Shmily fell silent but her grumpy Managing director continued to shoot mails requesting data and she spent the rest of the day browsing through the various folders compiling the data he had requested.

By Tuesday, Anne was seriously deliberating on quitting the job. The Managing director had heaped queries on her. He asked her to explain things of which she had no idea about. She squirmed unable to face his interrogation. Hadn’t he asked her to concentrate on just her work? The man truly needed someone to tighten the nuts of his brain.

Wednesday dawned with the news that the absconding supplies manager had surfaced at the MD’s office. After a long round of questions by a group headed by the MD, the man had turned the whistleblower. Twinkle, the previous managing director had amassed profits by allowing cheap materials to replace the standards set by Arianna. She had a long string of supporters in the company who divided the profit among themselves. The practice had begun years ago and the rejection of a consignment had grabbed the attention of the top management. 
Anne heaved a sigh of relief.

To be continued...

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  1. At least now its clear that the managing director is not Shmily... :) Now I am curious to know who it is. Thank God its Zee tomorrow and the waiting will be over ;)
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  2. Compelling read about the whole ganging against someone which is in itself, a sad reality.
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