Monday, April 20, 2015

Numb: Part 4: Quell

The month that followed was one that quelled many things.

Bala took me to his home that day and introduced his wife to me. She was totally what I had not expected. Boisterous, loud and condescending, she openly blamed me for being the cause of her failed marriage.

“Oh I know you. He whispers your name in sleep and would not touch me though we have been married for over five years now. Every day, I hoped for a change. Now I look elsewhere to quell my needs,” she shouted under the influence of the alcohol that she was reeking of and I cringed. What kind of life had I pushed onto my dear Bala.

Once she turned sober, Bala announced to her that he planned to set her free. She was happy to hear that. Divorce was granted by mutual consent and both of them walked away from each other happily.
Bala and I got married in a quiet ceremony in the temple where we used to go and we began a life of passion and happiness.

One day, Bala explained to me the reason behind the recurring dreams I was having. He said he was haunted by my dreams too.

“You dream of a person when you are awake in the person’s thoughts. I used to dream of you every day and you of me. We lived in different time zones. When you were asleep, my thoughts would be trained on you and vice versa. We humans are intricately connected. Especially two souls who were always destined to be each other’s for eternity,” he said.

I smiled. May be it was true. The recurring dreams had vanished altogether.The numbness that used to invade me had vanished in the warmth of his presence. Life had begun to treat us well and our days had turned happier.

The End

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  1. A happy ending! Yayy for Chaya and Bala :) Kudos to you! I never knew that thing about dreams though.

    1. It is an abridged version of a japanese saying aathira.

  2. Glad that they are together... yet I feel bad for his wife. It's difficult to live with someone else's love.

    1. True, but it is altogether a different story I guess. May be with time, she will also find her own happy ending.

  3. Glad for the happy ending. :-)
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  4. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy a happy ending!!

    True love always wins :)

  5. all's well that ends well :) Good story
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