Thursday, April 16, 2015



He caressed me with his eyes and every glance from his liquid brown eyes made me fall deeper and deeper into his spell. Neither of us cared for anything other than the other’s presence.  With his breath playing havoc on my neck, seated encircled in his arms, we roamed around on his cycle talking about anything and everything. The evening had turned magical.

When the ocean breeze kissed my cheeks, he said he was jealous of it and pushed it away with his own lips. He traced his name on my palm and then sealed it there with a kiss. Lying on my lap in that unexplored cove, sheltered in the curtains of my tresses, he eulogised my beauty in words that exuded love. My soft, dusky skin he said, reminded him of the tastiest chocolate. My hair were the clouds that promised rain to a parched earth. My body was a sitar that belonged to celestial singers; it sang a divine rhythm when he strummed it. My fingers combing his hair were the touch of love in its purest form.

 Time froze when he captured me in a passionate embrace and the whole world vanished. It was just the two of us….

The shrill scream of the alarm washed away the last remnants of his presence and my heart weighed down with the despair that tugged at it all of a sudden. He had visited again, to leave me pining for him in a strange bed. I curled into a ball willing the numbness, which was spreading, to go. I prayed for it to stop but the ache of loneliness slowly engulfed me.

My heart continued to throb, grew wings and began chasing that elusive dream. Yet again!

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  1. Will this be continued? I hope so! Loved the romance :)

  2. you have described the longing so beautifully. I hope there's second part. :)

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  3. Ouch! Not the way it should have ended.

    Please continue this one.

  4. All three of you have asked the same question. I wrote this on implulse. Should i write more?

  5. Thank you Rajalakshmi. I don't know yet. Let me see.

  6. You people have put me in a spot now. Let me see what to do! :P

  7. Lovely dream! felt sorry that she woke up. Read this after reading chapter 2. Hope there's going to be a chapter 3 too :)
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