Saturday, February 19, 2022

Cover Reveal and Blurb: What the Stars Knew


Dear Readers,

I have finally finished writing the fourth book in the Sreepuram Series. If you have been following my writing journey, you might be knowing that I have already published three books out of the five books planned in the series.

Book will be out on March 13th.
I am excited to present to you the cover and blurb of the story.



Meet two star-crossed lovers: Naveen and Arya. One is a techie turned famed Vedic astrologer. The other is building her life back up from ashes.

Arya: Could someone shatter your heart into a million pieces with a single word?
Once, someone did that to me. I'd vowed to forget Naveen, became somebody else's forever only to realize that forevers don't exist.

I didn't realize the power of our shared memories until he returned.
And now, I can't stop myself from rushing into his arms.
I can't stop myself from falling for him all over again.
But Naveen is not the boy I once knew.
He now speaks of what the stars know, and unforeseen destinies.
All I care about is whether we have a future together.

Naveen: I know I won't survive if I lose Arya again.
The memory of us has hounded me for years.
I regret the moment I left her years ago.
I believed I could forget her.
But time has proven otherwise.
Her dark eyes still bewitch me, luring me into their depths.
But the stars tell me, she is not mine to cherish.
For the first time, I want to challenge them.
I want her to be mine forever.

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