Sunday, June 30, 2013

Somewhere beyond the sea

Somewhere beyond the sea....

( An acrylic painting I did sometime ago...

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I listened to a song by Frank Sinatra and I could visualize  a girl waiting for her love who had gone sailing. This inspired me to do a painting on the theme.  

Expectations: Acrylic painting


Expectations: Acrylic painting 18X24 Inches

 I was listening to a song this morning which is quite close to my heart."
 It only hurts when I am breathing... " by Shania Twain.
I just love the feelings that she bring into her songs...

This painting is done on the same theme.                                         


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My first charcoal portrait

( A charcoal portrait I did a while first one)

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers

True love?!!!

Does it exist?  A Love that Shines.......????

(This is one of my recent pencil portraits which I have come to love.

You can see this on my facebook art page )

Love is something that gives meaning to life. Everything around you just disappears and you see only the person you love.

You laugh,You drown in happy tears and hours seems like seconds when your love is around.

Love is the only thing that matters...

But does it really exist ?

Or does it exist now only in romance movies and books?

Not so sure...

But it sure is magical....

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Tulips are my favourite flowers and this blog is all about me.

My view of this magical world.
My Creations.
My Love.
My Musings.


Happy you are sharing this journey with me.

Thank You...