Monday, October 22, 2018

Book Spotlight: The Slut Chronicles- BETRAYED


 “What is love, if not a passionate heartbreak?”
Nothing makes Ishana lose her facade except for the word ‘slut’. When someone slut shames her, she smashes his head and becomes headlines again.
She is at the apex of her career but people are not ready to accept her boldness. Her strengths force them to dwell on their own weaknesses. However what no one knows is that her road to success is full of treachery and emotional hell.
Join Ishana as she narrates her story to an oblivious journalist. It is a roller coaster ride full of love, passion, emotions, betrayal and ‘slut shame’.
Are you ready to endure the truth of her life?

Expert Reviews:

"Scandalous and pulsating with twists." - Novoneel Chakraborty, Bestselling author of The Stranger Trilogy
“Deeply moving, highly engaging and entertaining.” – Arpit Vageria, Author and Script Writer
“First, it will glue you and then it will kill you.” - J. Alchem, Author & Winner of Amazon Pen to Publish
“Intriguing with unexpected turns.” - Prachi Gupta, Author of Accidentally Cupid
"Captivating, enthralling and thrilling" - Keshav Aneel, Bestselling author of the One from the Stars

Some reviews from readers:

The mystery of Ishana, and how she became what she was, is something you wouldn’t want to not read ~ Ritika Chabra, Blogger & Reviewer

An unstoppable read. I never read this type of book before, if it made it into a movie it will be an awesome movie ~ Vaishnavi, Blogger & Reviewer

A gripping tale with unexpected end ~ Sarath Babu, Blogger & Reviewer

A must read ~ Aman Gupta, Amazon Customer

The story starts as a simple one but with all the twists and turns in it have left me speechless. ~ Goodreads Reviewer

About the author:

Kritika Sharma is an author, blogger and Associate Director in Nielsen, India. She is a woman of passion and spirit who believes in possibilities and loves to challenge her own limits by learning something new every day. She has been writing ever since she held a pencil. Writing refreshes her and energizes her.
The Slut Chronicles: Betrayed is her fifth book. Previously she has traditionally published four books under her name, ‘Manage your Manager’ (2013), ‘Live-in with a Ghost’ (2015), ‘AbstracTales’ (2017) and Treacherous Desires (2017).
Get the book from here:

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