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Book Spotlight: Freefall by Jana Williams #MyFriendAlexa Post 6

Author Introduction  

Writer Jana Williams believes in the power of fiction to change lives. 
Jana’s own life was changed as a child when she discovered the public library had row after row of novels where women lived lives filled with adventure and daring.  These fictional women pointed the way to a life where a woman could decide for herself what truly mattered in life.

Women like Madam Curie, Amelia Earhart and Nandini Harinath had always done this daring thing - imagining themselves for themselves throughout the ages, but the novels seemed inspirational on a completely different level.  Jana hopes to inspire a whole new generation of women and girls to dare to follow their curiosity about life - to dare to step outside the dreams of others and find their own dreams. 

Freefall is the first novel in the three-part Amalie Noether series where Elle Silver and her friends leap into the unknown of deep-space pursuing their dreams of colonizing a new planet. 

Book Blurb:  

A new novel by Canadian - Jana Williams

Paris in 2418 is knee-deep in sand, just like the rest of planet Earth, when Elle and 150 other young colonists blast into Space to colonize a new planet. Just beyond Mars lies a wormhole where the transport ship will slip into folded space, and travel to a solar system light years from Earth. Halfway through their journey, Elle begins to suspect the sleep drug they take to allow deep-space travel may actually be poisoning them. 

As each cycle passes more and more colonists awaken with troubling side effects, like anxiety, depression and unprovoked flashes of anger. On a ship as small as the Vera Rubin this anger could spell disaster if a solution to their problem is not found. Time is running out for the packed transport ship, as tempers flare and arguments erupt.  Elle and her friends are in a  race against time to find answers to their questions to save their mission and possibly their lives.  

They thought they had been trained for every eventuality - but poison and saboteurs were never on their list.

A catchy PRE-Review 

FRANCES K….writes:
I loved Freefall.  Wonderful characters, with a strong female lead - and a fascinating new world to explore in this book The science is completely credible and the storyline had me really wondering what would happen next.  I can’t wait for the next instalment in the series!


Social media links  

Facebook – Freefall-the-novel    

Twitter -  Jana Williams

Advance Praise for Freefall:

"I loved this book. Can't wait for the sequel."
Frances K.

"Freefall is smart, funny and utterly engaging. A really good adventure story with a strong female lead."
Darach S.

"I loved this book.... a great female protagonist and wonderful world building true to solid science.”
Marg G.  

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