Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Let Go of the Past

One of the toughest phases in life is when you are trying to get over a relationship. It is hard to forget that one person who had meant the world to you. Letting go of the continuous thoughts about them and those precious memories can be torturous. At one or other time, we have all gone through this phase. 

But in order to survive, we need to let go. We need to release the sadness, the loneliness and the haunting memories.
Why is it so important to let go?
When we hold on to the past, we do not grow out of it. We continue to remain in our past and the present and future slips unnoticed through our hands. This quote explains this better.

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” 

Steve MaraboliUnapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

There are many methods to let go; I am writing about a few, which I have known to be helpful. These methods are efficient in letting go anything you associate with a person or an event. Be it anger, frustration, bitterness or stress.
The Methods:
1) Write about it:
Take out a notebook, write about the person or experience you wish to let go. You can write it in the form of a letter if you wish to.
Write your heart out; express your feelings without bothering about grammar, proper language or order. Write whatever is coming to your mind when you think about it. Continue writing; Tears may flow, you may start to feel overwhelmed but continue with your writing.
 Once you have put everything you feel on paper, read it again. This time you will again drown in the same emotions. Once you finish reading, tear out the pages and burn. Affirm to yourself that the flames are taking away all your worries and thank them for the courage it is giving you.
 Repeat this until you are feeling less and less in the trap of your memories. You can do this once a week or once a month, as you feel necessary. 
This is the easiest method.
2) Treat it as a lesson you had to learn:
Everything that happens in our life happens for a reason. Every person comes into our life with a lesson. Identify the lesson this person or event gave you. 
Often when we understand what we learnt from the experience, there is a sense of closure. May be that person had taught you to love and to be loved, may be he/she had made you start loving yourself, maybe she/ he was the one who gave you that push in the right direction. He/she may have been your light. 
Remember what the experience taught you and let go of it, as you have done with many other lessons you have learned in the past.
3) Remember to remember:
When we are in a relationship, which is the best part of our lives, we have it etched as a part of our emotional system. If it suddenly ends, we cannot let go because this person was part of our best memories.
We all know, human beings are not perfect. There is bound to be bad memories about the same person as well. Remember to remember those bad moments. When a bit of negative thoughts come in about the person, you will find it easier to forget.
Most of the time, when we remember a person we love, we just remember the good times and conveniently forget the bad times. Nothing is perfect, ever… Try asking friends/ relatives for help. You may not remember. But they might.
4) Empty the cache of memories one by one:
If you are grieving over a person who left you for another, it is time to empty the bin of all his/her memories. Delete phone numbers and photos from your phone or computer. Throw away any other memorabilia. Do it with the intention of letting go. Do it one at a time.
You will realize you are better off without this extra load of memories.
Let go of them. If you want to fill your glass, first it has to be empty. Empty your life of past memories so you can start creating new ones.
5)Stop following them or stalking them on social networks.
In this highly connected world, technology often makes it hard to forget. Memories comes haunting when you are bombarded by old photos, messages or even their latest photo update which proclaim they don't have a place for you in their life anymore.
Unfollow them on the networking sites; block them. You can't think of forgetting someone by keeping on looking at their photos, their updates or tweets.
Stop yourself every time you feel the need to visit his/her profile; even anonymously. Stalking never brought back anyone their ex-boyfriend / girl friend.
Go on a technology fast when you feel overwhelmed by the memories. Switch off your phone and disconnect the internet.
6) Enjoy being single:
Go out and do things you like to do, now that you are single.
Watch funny movies, catch up with friends, listen to peppy songs, and visit that art gallery you were wishing to go. Do whatever you feel like. Visualize the happy single you, instead of visualizing the sad lonely you.
Laugh. Learn new things to do; craft, art or baking. Anything, to keep you busy…
Fall in love again, this time with yourself.
 Fall in love with life.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pencil portrait of a friend

Pencil portrait of a friend

I used to do pencil portaits of friends as a gift on their birthdays, anniversaries or any other occassion. This is such a portrait.

I loved it after I finished it. What do you feel?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Eyes are a-flame...

Eyes are a-flame…
My art

Yesterday I met you in my dreams,
Everything remained the same ..
My heart fluttered like a butterfly,
When your lips made mine their aim.
You left me crying, pleas remained unheard; 
My eyes were a-flame.

Today I met you in my dreams…
I remained your self-same song,
One you forgot half-way along.
All the while in my ears it rang,
Tumbling with the self-same love.
But away you flew, unaware
That my eyes were a-flame.

Tomorrow if I meet you in my dreams,
Will I remain the same and would you?
The winter is cruel but the nights are long.
Will we sing our self-same song?
Or would that feeble thread snap,
The one I thought remained strong;
The one that binds our hearts as one?

These I know are not just dreams,
But your love that I yearn for and miss.
They have come to me, I am sure..
To kindle that self-same pang 
So my eyes remain a-flame, all along.

---Preethi Venugopal

Friday, July 26, 2013

A portrait

Portrait of a firend's son

I used charcoal for the dark areas and the rest is done in pencil. I accept portrait commisions. If you want me to draw a portrait for you, feel free to email me. You can find my other works on my facebook art page, .

Have a great day Folks!!

Little things that bring Joy..

Those little things that bring joy;
Little smiles that showers love,
Little whispers that call me dear,
A warm hug which tear away my fears;

Small things, Small wonders,
Big hopes, bigger woes,
It all comes to us in turns,
Smaller the hope, smaller the woes;

Those little blooms that sway in the wind,
The silent breeze that wipes my tears,
Birds singing away to find,
Love and light up in the trees;

These are my little things of joy,
 That fills my heart with delight,
I hope, I wish, they are forever mine,
These little things,
These joys of mine…

-  Preethi Venugopal

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two explanations to recurring dreams

A dream..A digital creation by me

Dreams often enchant us, but they can be quite a nuisance, if they keep repeating. We often cant explain these dreams and that, will leave us frustrated.
I had a similar problem and I  surfed the internet for possible interpretations and probable causes behind it.

What I found can be classified into 2 categories.

1) A psychological explanation:

We get recurring dreams, when there has not been a closure, to a particular event or fear in your life.
Such dreams usually carry many important messages to the dreamer. Often these dreams are triggered by, some day to day issues that keep coming back; some transitions your life is undergoing or some fears which has not been settled.
If you analyse these dreams and the times you get them, they definitely will have a pattern. They may recur daily, once a week or monthly once. The dreams too will have a pattern. These dreams will tell you about some of the fears you are battling with or the One particular event you have never come to terms with.

  • Use of affirmations or self hynosis can solve your problems to an extent.
  • Keep a diary of events and note your dreams. See whether there is a connection. Mostly there will be.
  • Seek help from a psychologist or hypnotist.

2)A spiritual explanation: 

Dr Brian L Weiss M.D a renowned psychologist and past life expert is of the opinion that we sometimes see our past lives in our dreams. If we are getting recurring dreams they definitely have a message for us.

Our souls comes to earth and lives many lives. Some events or trauma gets imprinted into the soul memory so deep, that this effects the many lives that follow.

In his book Many masters, Many Lives he describes the many past lives his client catherine had .She gets healed after she undergoes past life regression sessions.

For me, the healing came through such a session and my deams have now stopped altogether.

The concept that your guardian angels  or guides are giving you messages, through these dreams is another explanation. Through these dreams, they are instructing you to focus on those specific areas where you are having trouble or the things you need to avoid. Each one of us have a guardian angel to help us. We only need to listen to them.


  • Calm yourself down before you sleep. Say a prayer remembering the best things that happened during the day and thank in advance for a good sleep. Pray to your god to protect you from these recurring dreams and meditate before you sleep.
  • Creating a Reiki protection pyramid around you while you sleep is also an effective approach.
  • Go for a past life regression.
  • Get an angel reading done.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Why I love mornings...

Red Franipani flowers basking in sunlight in my yard back  home

When night is almost done,
And sunrise grows so near
That we can touch the spaces,
It 's time to smooth the hair
  And get the dimples ready,
And wonder we could care
 For that old faded midnight
That frightened but an hour. 

                                                                                    - Emily Dickinson
What a lovely poem by Dickinson !!!
Short and sweet....
The loveliest things really do come in small packages. 

If I am able to watch the sunrise and bask in the early morning light, I am ready to face the day with a big smile on my face. Today was just such a day. I went for a relaxing walk on our terrace which have a beautiful garden view. The cool morning breeze caressed my cheeks and told me I am loved. The tweets of the song birds calmed down my tired heart. When the sun painted the sky with an array of splendid colours, I got to see an animated gallery of paintings that changed every minute.

Then chirpings started to fade and the birds flew away one at a time promising to return after a hectic day. 
It was signal for me to start my day too.
With a calm heart and a face bright with a smile I face this day with a new hope.
A new beginning..
A new reason to be alive...

Have a nice day people..

Friday, July 12, 2013


An acrylic painting of a  field of Tulips I made.
One of my first acrylic paintings. :)
A field of Tulips Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Love Songs...

There is something about love songs that makes me go all mushy.
Spend a few hours today listening to my favorite love songs...

I listened to:

Nothings Gonna change my love for you

I want to spend my lifetime loving you..


When I dream at night

Right here waiting for you.

You Sang to me

It is all coming back to me

Every night in my dreams..

Thank You wonderful singers for giving me a few hours of utter bliss..

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Art with the painter's knife:

Painters's knife

Beautiful art can be created using a  painter's knife.
The type of painting done is called knife painting.

If you want to learn how to use a knife to create a painting, Click HERE.

I do experiment a lot and created this.

Two to Tango (18x12 Inches, Oil on Canvas Board)

It is beautifully textured and is easier to make. Only problem is it takes too much time to dry if you are using oil paints. The one I did is in  oils and  it was done in February. It still is not completely dry yet,though now it  doesn't come onto my hands.

You can opt for acrylics to paint in this way as well.

If you liked this,check out my other works on my facebook art page.

Lovely connecting with you.

Friday, July 5, 2013


" Expectations" A digital drawing I did with photoshop 

A small poem I wrote ...

I have this thing with dreams,
I simply don't know why...
All night I toss about in my dreams...
And watch myself cry...

What is it with dreams?
Lost is my love and so are you. 
All day I think about those dreams,
the ones in which I beheld you.

Some say one dies a bit with every sad dream,
I don't know then how I am still alive.
Dreams are all but dreams,
but they make me come alive.

Will I see you only in my dreams?
Will you stay with me this time?
Ah my love, promise me this time, at least in dreams,
Promise me you will stay this time.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Art on my wall

I have experimented with many mediums for portaiture and tried recently to make one using watercolour.
This is the result.

Though it didn't come quite like how I wanted,still I liked it enough to get it framed  in glass with a plain black border and now adorns my living room wall.

Other paintings that is giving it company are:

A flower girl in acrylics

A landscape in Oil

You can see more of my paintings HERE.

Lovely connecting with you.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some house keeping tutorials for the would be Domestic goddess !!!

Thought I will share some tutorial Youtube videos that has helped me a lot in my daily housekeeping chores in the house.

1) How to pess a pair of trousers like a professional:

2) How to fold a T shirt in easily

This helps me lots...:)

3) How to fold socks and stack it properly:

This is another tutorial I find most useful. No more running in search of the correct pair every morning.Helps me keep the socks properly paired.

4) Towel Folding

5) How to fold a shirt like a professional:

This easy and detailed tutorial helps you to fold shirt like a professional easily using a card board or magazine
 .Sorry ,they don't give the embed option.

How to fold a shirt like a professional

6) How to press a shirt Properly like a professional

7) Being a bit artistic with your bath towels:

Hope you enjoyed all the tutorials .... domestic goddesses...!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tulips using nylon sock: Tutorial

Cream Tulips using nylon sock:Tutorial

A Nylon Sock Tulip

Thought of posting a tutorial on making nylon sock Tulips today.

It is pretty easy once you get the idea of how to make a single petal.

For making this, the materials we need are:


Nylon sock : Cream and Green color
Two empty bottles of slightly different diameter : ( I took 5 cm and 6cm dia bottles respectively to loop the wire around to create petals and leaves)
Cutting Plier
Nylon Thread
Metal Wire : Gold Colour
Flower tape: Green

All these material will be available in craft shops.

First wind the gold wire on the bottles to form loops and tie them tight using a plier.

Gold Wire Loops

Make 3 smaller petals using 5 cm dia bottle and three  larger petals by looping around the 6 cm dia bottle. For the 2  green leaves loop around the two bottles kept side by side together so that you get a larger loop.
Add a central connecting wire

For the 3 bigger petals and the 2 leaves,give a central connecting wire as shown in the above picture using the cutting plier. This central wire is important to give the shape to the Tulip.

Wrap the sock around wire petal
Now wrap around the 6 petals with cream nylon sock and the 2 leaf petals with green sock and tie them up using the nylon thread.

Anthers fixed on the stem

Now twist three 15 cm long wires and tie them together. Wind the green flower tape to create a stem. Now tie the Anthers onto the stem with nylon thread.

Tie the petals upside down

Now tie the 3 larger petals upside down followed by the 3 smaller petals.
It will look like this after tying like this.
Petals tied upside down

Now slowly pull them up one by one bringing the shape of the Tulip like this.
Pull the petals up

Tie the leaves  in a similar manner on the stem at different positions and gently shape the petals and leaves like this.
Add the leaves 

Now wind the flower tape around the leaves to hide the thread.

You are done!!!

Make many to make a bouquet.

Or give it pride of place on your dining table as a single flower arrangement...!!!

Why do we drift apart ?

Why do we drift apart in relationships ?

Radha Krishna : The eternal lovers

Why do couples who were once head over heals in love with each other start to drift apart after a few years of being together?
 There are many reasons and they might vary from couple to couple.
If you think about the major ones, they are:

1).Indifference and neglect
“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.” 

How correctly J.K Rowling has stated two of the main reasons behind many failed relationships. After being together for years, couples start to take each other for granted. Indifference creeps into their relationship and they begin to neglect each other. Not because they dislike each other, but because they are flowing together like leaves floating along in the same river, no more attached to the same tree.

Solution: Try not to neglect each other. Take a genuine interest in each other. He/she was the person whom you thought the world about when you were in love.

2). Communication gap

Couples these days have no time for each other caught up in their individual careers and lives.There is a huge communication gap.
One expects the other to understand his/her situation because he/she is his/her, spouse/lover.
Unfortunately, till this moment human beings do not have the ability to communicate via thoughts or through telepathy.

Solution: You have to talk.
When you  talk, please do not nag. Telling things more than once, usually do more damage than good.

3). Past Grudges not forgiven

Try not to bring out his/her past mistakes when you start to argue. Such arguments often tend to escalate beyond your control. When you mention a past mistake you actually hurt yourself again because you start to experience the same emotions which had been created then by that old hurt. Forgive any small mistakes that had happened. She/He had done it because of his/her circumstances then.

Try to forgive and forget. More than him/her, you will be doing yourself a favour. We human beings are not perfect. We do ourselves more harm when we keep our anger suppressed. 
 "Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die"

4. Too much Criticism

Things which attracted you when you were in love now may irritate you and you might start criticising him/her.
The person remains the same but your perspective has changed. You loved her bubbly talks when you were in love, but now you criticise her for being a chatterbox.

Solution: Stop criticising, Start Loving...
Every person likes to be appreciated. If you don't find anything to appreciate just keep quiet. Too much criticism is bound to make your relationship go sour.

5.Forgetting the use of the magic words,"Thank You" & "Sorry": 
When you are in public you are the most graceful person on earth. You tell "Thank you" to the security guard who opened the supermarket door for you. You say "sorry" when you accidently bump onto a person on the pavement. But do we remember to say "Thank you" to our spouses for their tiny acts of kindness?
Do we openly ask for forgiveness if we make a mistake?
Instead, we take their kindness for granted and try to justify our mistakes.


Practice gratitude. Remember little acts of kindness daily and be grateful for it. Maintain a gratitude journal. Try to be kind yourself.
Practice to apologise.

“An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything.”
― Lynn Johnston

So let us start appreciating, loving and living. Let us bring more magic into our lives by using the magic words "Thank You" and "Sorry."

God Bless You All.... Have a great day!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tulips and symbolism


Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers

Like all flowers, Tulips too have symbolism associated with it.
Each color Tulip gives out a specific message.

The Yellow Tulips represents cheerful thoughts and says "there is a sunshine in your smile".

The red ones are associated with true or perfect love and says " believe me".

Pink ones represent  affection and caring and says " I care for you".

Cream ones say "I will love you forever".

Purple symbolizes Royalty and Wealth.

Orange tulips symbolize energy, enthusiasm, desire and passion.

Variegated Tulips say " You have beautiful eyes".

White symbolizes purity,heaven and newness.

Read more about  Tulips here.

There are many love stories associated with Tulips.

A Turkish legend talks about a love story of a prince named Farhad. He loved a beautiful maiden called Shirin. Their love was not to be and Shirin was killed by those who opposed the match. Prince Farhad was crushed by grief and killed himself riding over the edge of a cliff. Legend goes that  red tulips bloomed in places where his blood fell. Thus red Tulips came to symbolize perfect love.

My favorite color Tulips are the yellow ones. I like to be cheerful.
What is yours?

Cute sock doll

An easy cute little sock doll:

A cute sock doll I made 

As always my search for new crafts brought new results. Making cute dolls from nylon socks, old stockings etc. I found thisYoutube video which was so inspirational. Though I did not understand a single word, the video talked for itself. A superb tutorial...

If you are a craft lover this video will be super helpful in your quest for a new and awesome craft.

You can use these in keychains,wall hangings or simply as gifts for your toddler.