Rashi Ratnam, the newly minted design assistant of billionaire fashion designer Neel

 Mishra, is sceptical when she leaves on a field trip to Kerala with her temperamental boss.

It doesn't matter that she has been harbouring a crush on her gorgeous boss since forever.

The man intimidates her and is cold like ice.

Also, he hasn't still forgotten his ex-girlfriend.

At Heaven's Cove, the beautiful backwater island owned by Neel's grandparents, Rashi

 begins to see Neel in a new light. She also discovers his best-kept secrets.

It is the firefly season, and there is nothing that stops her from falling madly in love with


But love is not easy.

With Neel's jealous ex-girlfriend hovering around them stirring up troubles, life becomes


Can they face the curve balls that fate throws at them?

Or will their love die a slow death?

But in the end, is the choice theirs to make?

Read this heartwarming contemporary love story of letting go and letting love in.

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