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Glad you stopped by.Welcome to my world.

You are at one of the many happy places on the internet. If you love positive stories and beautiful art, you have clicked on the right link. Check out my books on Amazon or go read some free love stories right here on my blog 

You can find my musings on random topics and also my latest artworks on display here. 

I am Civil Engineer by education and an artist & writer by passion. 

Born in a land named as God's own country, Kerala, I am currently settled in the Garden city, Bangalore. You can find me reminiscing about my birthplace every now and then in my stories and blog posts.Naturally, I am in awe of it.

My Books:

 My debut novel is titled 'Without You'. Read more about it here.

 The Teddy who ran away is a short story written for kids. It is also an eBook. 

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I have been published in four anthologies and been part of a novella so far.

The Second Life by Write India Publishers was my debut anthology. My story 'The Arabian Dream' was based on a real-life story of a former colleague.

My second anthology was Blank Space published by Propel Steps. My story in it is called 'Eternal Love' which talks about the various manifestations of love. I was one of the editors of this anthology.

 My third anthology is called 'A Little Chorus of Love' which was published by Author's Ink. I was among the editors of this anthology. 

My fourth anthology is 'When they Spoke' published by Readomania. It consists of 29 stories where inanimates tell their story.

I have been a part of Game of Blogs by Blogadda where ten bloggers together created a novella. My team wrote a sci-fi novella starring aliens! The name of the book is 6 Degrees.


  • I write sponsored posts for websites and products. If you are representing any brand, and wish to collaborate, mail to me. 
  • I edit manuscripts of novels, novellas, and non-fiction. Contact me for rates and details.
  • I review books and beta read manuscripts of Indian authors.
  • I feature authors on my blog through interviews. If you are an author and wish to increase your web presence.
  • I am a freelance content writer. If you like what I write and wish to avail my services for your website, feel free to contact me.
  • I create portraits in Pencil and Charcoal. I also create paintings with oil, acrylic, photoshop and watercolors. Check my creations here and here. Mail me if you wish to have your portrait done. 
  • I do story illustrations and cover design. Most of my eBook covers are designed by me. I have two picture eBooks for kids on Amazon. Check them here. If you wish to create similar ones, I can help you with it.

If you wish to contact me,
Mail me: authorpreethi at gmail dot com
Tweet to me @preethivenu

Do check out my lifestyle blogazine Brown Indian Diva.

Much Love,

Preethi Venugopala


  1. A very impressive profile of a writer / artist whose writing I enjoy reading!

    1. Thank you Rajeev Moothedath for the kind words.

  2. Hi Preethi...Can you share your email wish to connect..mine is shekhersrivastava24@gmail.com

  3. Hi Preethi...wish to connect. Please resply on shekhersrivastava25@gmail.com

  4. Hi Respected PREETHI,
    I Have An Online Art Gallery called #CHHAYANKANArtGallery(CAG) on FB and similar Account on Twitter & Instagram..Where Can I Connect With You & How to check out all Your Sketches Under Single Roof As I would like to Share & Showcase Your Artworks as I have regular demand for South Indian Celebrity Sketches and Drawings.You can email Me On dalip.treasurefilms@yahoo.co.in or follow Me on FB, Twitter & IG.
    Please Share Your Artpage links at earliest.

  5. Hi preethi..so over whelmed by the story of kathivanoor veeran. Can i still find the ancestoral remainings like his birth place/house or the predecessors and the so called place kathivanoor. Its a great wish for me to travel along the path the god had taken from mangad unto kathivanoor. Please help me more infos. Thank you.

    1. Google can help you.I don't know more details other than the story.



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