Monday, April 28, 2014

Charcoal portrait of Deepika Padukone: Stages with materials used

My model: Deepika Padukone

Materials Used
Materials Used:

1)  Charcoal and Graphite Pencils:

I use Monte Marte Charcoal pencils and Graphite pencils.  It costs about Rs. 500 for the full set of four earthy shades. I am using for this portrait only the black pencils for this portrait, which again comes in the soft, medium and hard types. I use the hard variety for the final outlines, medium and soft for the shaded regions.
The Faber Castell box has six shades. 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B and 8B and costs Rs. 30.
These pencils come in handy to create the outline which is the most time taking procedure.

2) Erasers:
I use different type of erasers to erase mistakes as well as to create highlights.

The types I have are an ordinary pencil eraser, a plastic eraser from Focus that gives fewer residues, a kneaded eraser, which can be kneaded to any shape, and a pencil shaped eraser from staedtler.

3) The shading tools:
My shading tools are what is available in every household. A pair of Johnson ear buds, a pair of tissues and a painting brush.
These tools I use, to create the shades in the portrait. I do it by rubbing the charcoal and softly spreading them to create the necessary effect.
The buds come handy in small and specific areas like the eye, nose, ears etc.

4) My sketchbook:
As this portrait is just a trial and not done on commission, I am using my A3 size sketch book.

Stages in the portraiture

Final Result:


  1. Did you share it on her FB page? It looks beautiful.

  2. This is simply brilliant! Keep it up! :D

  3. Excellent. Lady you are brilliant and and talented!

  4. Awesome Preethi! Cool image for use as DP :) Initials of Deepika Padukone are also DP! She will be so pleased to see this! :)

    1. Trust you to know all details of Deepika...Cool to use as DP indeed..May be I will use as DP for my at page...Thanks for the idea Anita..

  5. Awesome.. Very well done.. Clap clap

  6. Awesome. So realistic and so beautifully done !

  7. luv it sooo much <3 ^_^ even i did sketch of deepika bt u r way too good :D

  8. Superb, Preethi :) Deepika kaanatte, ithu :) Hats off to your talent !

  9. Nice :)