Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Happy Couple: A Pencil Portrait

Have you seen some wedding photographs in which both the bride and the groom have artificial smiles pasted on their faces? Their face will reflect their confusions, their fears. But in some the couple is flashing their best smiles and appear happy in each other's company. When two people are in love, it reflects in everything they do. Even in the photographs.

 So when my friend and school mate send me this snap from his wedding album, when I first began drawing portraits, I knew they were totally and irrevocably in love. I promised I will try to make a good portrait. Then, I was a beginner. But I wanted it to come out well. It felt good then, but looking back, I find so many mistakes. But one thing I got it right. Their love shines through even in their portrait.

I created it one and half years ago. Digging through my facebook album, found it again today.

Stay blessed Praveen and Simi.


  1. Beautifully done, Preethi! You did capture the spirit of the photograph, I feel.

  2. Thanks for your art and nice words... Our love has gone superior... Touch wood...

  3. So well done. They must be happier couple to see this. :)

  4. that is beautiful and indeed God bless the happy couple ..