Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Place called Home

Every girl wants to become the mistress of a lovely home in her life once she gets married. Every man wants to build his dream home where he wants to keep his loved ones safe. Every child wants to come home to a place that his heart calls home.

But what converts a house that is just a concrete building to a home?
What makes it the safe haven for its inhabitants?
What makes it their favorite place in the whole world?

The various hues that they add using the interior décor items stamp their name onto the house, making it their home. The wall decor, the furniture, the bed spreads, the curtains, the tiny memorabilia collected by the inhabitants, the way a magpie collects its treasures, are what gives character to a house.

A house without adornments is like a body without a soul. Dead, uninspiring and foreboding. No one wants to own it.

I have changed houses more than thrice after marriage. Each time, a new city, a new house and we preferred to decorate each differently. None of the furniture from our old houses went to our new homes. Everything was new and different from our old furniture. And each time, the houses treated us differently.

According to Vaastu, each house is like an individual. It speaks, it breathes and it prospers with the items that it holds. When the orientation of the house is wrong or if the dimensions are not proper, the inhabitants of the house begin to experience problems. Their businesses suffer, their health deteriorates and relationships go wrong. Most of us don’t realize the significance of this. But if we start to observe, we can find definite patterns. Even small items that we bring into our house, the place where we keep them are important. We have to be careful when choosing them and giving them a proper place in our house.

Exactly how a tight dress makes us feel uncomfortable, the house starts experiencing and giving out bad vibes when an item that doesn’t match its overall makeup finds its way into the house.
When you create an ambience of love inside your house, you will begin to experience the same love in your personal life. Sometimes when you enter a house, the moment you enter it you will start getting tense for no reason. In a similar way, when you enter some other houses, you become calm and relaxed all of a sudden.

You can even notice that in the various corners of your own house. There will be certain areas where no matter when you go, you feel like your energy is draining out. If there is such a place in your house, look around and observe the items that are lying about. Clutter, pictures depicting violence, sadness or cruelty will be the definite cause of the depletion in positive energy. Electronic instruments too suck away the positive energies from the surroundings. Clearing clutter and lighting incense sticks are sure ways of restoring the positivity of your house.

Whatever be the design style, stick to the basics and follow the rules of vastu or fengshui while decorating the house. This will make way to prosperity.

Make My Home

Visiting the website, Blogadda wanted me to pick three items that I would choose for my home and the style that I would adopt in the interior décor. My style for interior décor is eclectic. I would choose random items that would suit my house and the space where I wish to place them.

The three items that caught my eye are:

Jeel Koko Maison Inc Ribbonfrill : These adorable cushions will match the light off-white sofa that I plan to install in the living room, the place where the family gathers after a hectic day to talk and relax. It will keep the ambience loving and cheerful. The décor will be soothing for the eyes.

Zeeshaan Be Mine Wall Clock

This romantic wall clock will find a place in the master bedroom wall. It will keep the flame of love burning steady and strong.

Makemyhome Link


Ghasitaram Ceramic Aroma 



The aroma diffuser will bring in the benefits of aromatherapy and will help increase the positivity in the house by keeping it smelling good.

Makemyhome Link

 Readers, do visit the site that have many beautiful items to select from that will add to the ambience of your house.

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  1. Lovely post, Preethi! A home really does say a lot about the people who live there. Good luck for the contest!

  2. I quite believe the vastu related points that you've raised here Preethi. A lot of things do go wrong when the placement is not correct.
    Loved your thoughts on the topic.

    1. Yes is very important. But many ignore it.

  3. Nice choices, Preethi.
    Agree with your points. Our home should have what we like :)

  4. Completely agree with you.All the best for the contest.

  5. all the best with the contest..
    and home is what we are for sure .. sometimes when we visit someone's home we ca nknow a person a lot ..