Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Kiss of Death

Image source: Magpie Tales

I see them every day;
the two star-crossed lovers.
Clinging to each other, 
they fear, it is the last time they will meet.

Sunsets tell them, they need to part ways;
There is a fault in their stars. 
Sunrises bring out the rebel in them,
He sneaks out in disguises and seeks her out.
They linger in the shadows, making promises,
Parting with lingering kisses.

She was the lotus and he the bee;
Today, they lingered long
Not heeding the bugles of time,
Her lush petals became his cherished grave.

I saw them then, the lotus and the bee,
One last time, she embraced him,
One last time he kissed her,
The agonizingly sweet kiss of death
And united forever they were, in the cradle of death.

The wind roared, the river wept,
The earth sighed.
I, the lonely sun, asked them to stop mourning.
Another young bee will soon find another lotus bud.
It will sing until the lotus bloomed.
In their love, the star-crossed lovers will live again,
As they say, true love never dies, 
It is okay to love,
It's still okay!

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