Monday, April 4, 2016

Lesson 3: Nourish your creativity

Series: Lessons from my father (A tribute to my late father)

Lesson 3: Nourish your creativity

My father valued creativity in all its forms. He encouraged us kids to nourish our creative side from early on in life. I, being me, never completed any course that I was enrolled in; be it music, art or dancing. After attending six or seven classes I would become bored (or declare myself an expert in it) and go in search of new hobbies.

My father, on the other hand, was creative right from the time he was in school and often won prizes in poetry, story writing and also in elocution competitions. Despite his busy schedule, he would take time out to write articles on medicine for local newspapers, in their association magazine and also sometimes poems.

I remember he wrote a poem called ‘Agni’ when APJ Kalam sir fainted after project ‘Agni’ was canceled. A drama he wrote for their Annual association function about the rampant atrocities in the medical field was greatly appreciated. He also acted as an old man in the drama. There would be poems scribbled in his diaries. He would cut out and keep articles he liked from newspapers. Wherever he went, he would return with a book. He maintained a journal regularly.

They say kids become readers in the lap of their parents. I became a reader that way. I still remember the illustrated storybook of ‘the hunter and four friends’ which he must have read to me umpteen times. Whenever he was relaxing, he did so with a book. Mostly it will be medical books or politics. He introduced me to the world of books by taking me to the village library and would also buy me my favorite comics.

Yes, I firmly believe whatever little creativity I have inherited I got it from him. My mother swears she doesn’t have any such bad habit. When my first story was published in our college magazine, he was excited and proud.

Now that I have been part of many anthologies and have also published my debut novel, I often wish my father had seen them. Whenever I receive the author copy of any book that I am a part of, I thank him silently. For introducing me to the magical world of books and letters.

And I try to follow the way he nourished his creative side.

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