Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Mask

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There was magic in your word
In every syllable I found love
Deeper I fell with everything you said
Light shone on me from above

Your sound entranced me
I didn’t hear my gut’s plea
Your presence was bliss
I found solace in your kiss

What was it that made me blind?
Was it your charm that formed your mask?
Or the smile that could hide any malice?
I don’t know the why or what?

It came out of the blue
The pain of reality
Time scattered your mask  into pieces
Along with shards of my heart

I wish I were smarter
I wish I could see the face
Hidden behind the mask
Now only the scar remains

The longing for forever
Grips at my heart
Sadness bellows in darkness
I fall into despair

Never will I believe in your charm
I do not wish to even hear your name 
You stole the innocence of my heart
It has sworn to protect me from harm

I fear every face under the sun
I fear every sudden turn
That might hide another urn
seeking the ashes of my dreams


  1. Beautifully expressed, Preethi! The words are so well chosen and the anguish of being taken in by a mask comes through brilliantly! Kudos!

    1. Thank you so much Deepti. Means a lot coming from you :)

  2. Every mask has to drop off when its time comes

    1. True, time is the magician who removes any mask.



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