Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Mask

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There was magic in your word
In every syllable I found love
Deeper I fell with everything you said
Light shone on me from above

Your sound entranced me
I didn’t hear my gut’s plea
Your presence was bliss
I found solace in your kiss

What was it that made me blind?
Was it your charm that formed your mask?
Or the smile that could hide any malice?
I don’t know the why or what?

It came out of the blue
The pain of reality
Time scattered your mask  into pieces
Along with shards of my heart

I wish I were smarter
I wish I could see the face
Hidden behind the mask
Now only the scar remains

The longing for forever
Grips at my heart
Sadness bellows in darkness
I fall into despair

Never will I believe in your charm
I do not wish to even hear your name 
You stole the innocence of my heart
It has sworn to protect me from harm

I fear every face under the sun
I fear every sudden turn
That might hide another urn
seeking the ashes of my dreams