Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Create a Logo for your brand with DesignEvo

Are you a small business owner, an organisation or blogger? If yes, you might want to create a unique logo for yourself or your brand.

What do we do when we want to create a logo? Usually, we approach graphic designers or artists who are experts in this area. Yet, it won't always yield the result you are looking for. 

That is when free online logo makers like DesignEvo come to your rescue.

If you are familiar with design websites like Canva, using this website is super easy. The layout and tools are easy to understand. It is dedicated entirely to logo designs. With over 5000 free templates, you can choose from over multiple business categories. 

A quick search using keywords in their search box will throw up multiple premade designs to choose from. The best thing about this logo maker is that it is fully customisable. You can play around with the various fonts, colours, icons all for free.

Some of the things I liked about Designevo:

1) You can play around with the logo maker without logging in. It is only if you wish to download the logo that you have to log in to the site. So, you can always scroll and check if they have that perfect logo that you have in mind. 

2) If you like a design, you can create your own logo for free by customising it. 

3) You can choose from the free or paid options to download the logo. If using the free version, you have to embed a badge showing the software used in your logo and also share it on social media platforms.

4) Paid option comes with multiple file formats including transparent background, jpeg and png. Also, you get the copyright for your logo. They have a sale going on now with offers of 39.99 $ plan and 19.99$ plan.

5) It is user-friendly and requires no technical skills. You also get the design saved on the cloud.

6) Option to login in via Facebook or Google account.

My creation:

I created a logo for my website within a few minutes. I had a rough idea for what I wanted. Hence I searched for the keyword ‘writing’ in the search column on the site. I got so many options but I loved this design at first sight.
Here is it.
Isn't this amazing? 
Are you not tempted to try out some designs for your brand logo? 
If yes, visit DesignvEvo and thank me later.

Happy creating!

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