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List of Indian Book Bloggers (Book Reviewers)

Book reviewers are the most sought after group of bloggers when an author launches his/her book. They help in giving the book a digital presence, boosts the confidence of the author (in most cases) and spread the word about the book through social media. 

Here is a list for the benefit of those seeking active, dedicated Indian bloggers who are open to review books. You can find their contact details on their website which I have mentioned next to their name. The genres they prefer are also listed.

I have interacted with these bloggers online, via their blogs or social media. 
Also included in the list is a dear friend, Jean Spraker, who is a US-based writer and blogger who supports Indian writers whenever possible. I feel she is more Indian than many of us. Being an editor herself, her reviews are mostly detailed and constructive. 

Aayesha Hakim ( Website )
Genres:  Romance, Crime, Mystery, Nonfiction, Motivational.

Adarsh Rathour ( Website ) Contact: adarshrathour1994 at gmail dot com
Genres: Any

Anamika Annu ( Website )
Genres: Romance

Anmol Rawat (Website )
Genres: Young Adult, Dystopian/Fantasy, and Stephen King

Amrita Misra ( Website )
 ( Review Policy )

Aparna Nayak ( Website )
Genre: Any except educational

Arvind Passey ( Website )
Genre: Mainly fiction. Prefers historical thrillers, and thrillers. Also Autobiographies and Biographies.

Banaja Prakash ( Website )
Genres: Any

Carlos Luis ( Website )
Genres: Fiction: Crime, Nonfiction: self-help

Debdatta D. Sahay ( WebsiteContact: dds at ddsreviews dot in
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy, Contemporary

 Deepti Menon ( Website )
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Travelogue, Mythology, History, YA, Literary fiction

 Deep R Downer ( Website )
Genre: Not Specified

Dhivya Bhalaji ( Website )
Genres: Thrillers

Dimple Singh ( Website ) Contact: dimplebloom45 at gmail dot com
Genres: Any

Enakshi Johri ( Website
Genres: Nonfiction, Romance, Sci-fi, thriller, poetry

 Floryie ( Website )
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Adventure, YA

 Geeta Nair ( Website )
Genres: Thrillers, Fantasy, Mythological, Historical, Motivational, Humour, Romance.

 Inderpreet Kaur Uppal  ( Website )
Genres: Loves Romance, thrillers, and mystery. Any fiction and nonfiction expect horror.

 Ishieta Chopra ( Website )
Genres: Espionage, Mysteries, Paranormal, Biographies, Autobiographies, Travelogues, Poetry

Jaideep Khanduja ( Website ) ( Blogspot )
Genres: Any except horror and Sci-fi

 Jean Spraker ( Website )
Genres: Any genre except Romance and Horror

 Kritika Rajat Sharma ( Website )
Genre: Romance, Thrillers, Crime, Mystery, Nonfiction, Fantasy.

 Lata Sunil ( Website )
Preferred Genres: Romance, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thrillers, Mysteries, Mythology, Children's books
Not Preferred Genres: Erotica, Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy

 Mahesh Sowani ( Website )
Genres: Crime Fiction, Memoirs, Short stories and Self help

 Maitreyi ( Website: English Malayalam )
Genres: Any

 Manisha Garg ( Website )
Genres: Romance, Thrillers, Motivation

 Mayuri Nidigallu ( Website ) Contact:  mayurisharrma at gmail dot com
Genre: Prefers Fiction but accepts anything well written and interesting

 Mithila Menezes ( Website )
Genres: YA Fiction, Fiction, Detective Mystery, Mystery, Science Fiction, Business and Start-up related books.

 Namrata Kumari  ( Website )
Genres: Fiction with a liking towards YA

 Nehali Lalwani ( Website )
Genres: Any genre in Fiction

 Nidhi ( Website )
Genres: Fiction, prefers Romance featuring Real-life stories

 Nikita Jhanglani ( Website )
Genres: Any except horror.

Nikita Soni ( Website )
Preferred Genres: Mystery, Romance, Historical, Mythological, Motivational, YA, NA, Paranormal, Scifi etc. 
Not preferred Genres: BDSM, Erotic, Gay/Lesbian, Non-Fiction (Political, Controversial topics)

 Nilima Mohite ( Website )
Genres: Any except dark, paranormal or horror.

 Niyati Gogna ( Website )
Genres: Any

 Poornima Kulkarni ( Website )
Genres: Picture Books

 Prasanna Rao ( Website )
Genres: Prefers crime, thrillers, horror, and fantasy.

 Puspanjalee Das Datta ( Website )
Genres: Historical Fiction, Mythological Fiction, Nonfiction, YA series and Children's books.

 Ragini Puri ( Website )
Genres: Any except self-help and YA

 Rajan Mogha ( Website )
Genres: Any except Romance. Prefers mystery thrillers.

Rajesh D Hajare ( Website ) Contact: contact at rdhsir dot com
Genre: Any

Ramya Abhinand ( Website )
Genre: Any

Ramya Rao ( Website )
Genre: Any book with an interesting blurb except science fiction

 Reema Michelle D'souza ( Website )
Genres: Fiction- Crime, Mystery, Fantasy, and Romance

Sarath Babu ( Website )
Genres: Crime, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Romance, Motivational & Self Help

Shalini Baisiwala ( Website )
Genres - Fantasy fiction, detective, Courtroom, Romance except historical romance.

 Shravya Gunipudi ( Website )
Genres: Any

Shalet Gimmy ( Website )
Genres: Not specified

 Shilpi C ( Website )
Genres: Not specified

Shoma Abhyankar ( Website )
Genres: Any except Politics, Sports, and Inspirational 

Srilakshmi Indrasenen ( Website )
Genres: Any genre (loves thrillers) except Nonfiction

Swarnalatha Suresh ( Website )
Genres: Any except Science Fiction

Swathi Shenoy ( Website )
Genres: Any

Tarang Sinha ( Website )
Genres: Women Centric Stories. Romance, Women Fiction, Mythology, Psychological Thrillers.

Tina Basu ( Website )
Genres: Sci-Fi, Romance, Thrillers

Tulika Singh ( Website ) Contact: tulika20 at gmail dot com
Genres: Any 

 Vasantha Vivek  ( Website )
Genres: Fiction, Short Stories, Motivational and Children’s picture books.

 Vinay R ( Website )
Genres: Any (with a blurb that catches his interest)

P.S: This list will be updated regularly.

Are you an Indian Book Reviewer? If you wish to be listed here, tell me so in the comments.


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