Sunday, April 30, 2017

Zodiac Signs and Writers

Long ago during a summer break from school, I came across a small book which predicted that according to my birth star, I would become someone who will make a career using words. 

When I told this to my family, they chorused I would become a lawyer. Wasn’t I an expert at winning arguments at home?

But God had different ideas for me. I became a blogger and writer.

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I believe in all things esoteric. Zodiac signs declare that the movement of the celestial bodies is closely related to human characteristics and behavior. ‘As above, so below’. 

I am fascinated by them. I find they are almost accurate representations of persons as far as my experiences go.

I found this interesting list on the internet where writers are classified according to their Zodiac signs. 

According to this list, I belong to the category of ‘The Haunted Mythologist’. 

I have many eminent authors like Sylvia Plath, Neil Gaiman, Fyodor Dostoevsky, John Keats, Chinua Achebe and Margarette Atwood for the company. What a blessed list!

Apart from such fun classifications, writers can use the Zodiac list to create character sketches.

While I was writing my debut novel, in my first draft, I had written the male lead as a September born. 

But as the story required his birthday to fall in the month of July when the female lead visits his place, I changed his birthday to July 3 in the second draft. 

Then while researching for adding details to my characters, I came across a Zodiac description of Cancer men (men born between June 21-July22).

 I was completely shocked as the characteristics I had described in my hero was typical of a Cancer man. That too considering that I had completed writing the first draft of the story assuming he was born on a different date.

 I used my research in my book also which was loved by many readers who wrote to me about it.

After this discovery, I check the compatibility of the star signs of my protagonists after I assign them their fictional date of births. 

If they are not compatible, they need to change their birthdays without delay. (*Wink) 

I believe the characters we write about in our stories do exist somewhere. The infinite source from where we writers get our ideas is, in fact, the supreme consciousness.

 Hence, we are tapping into something divine, which becomes solid and 3-dimensional through the words that we use to narrate our stories. 

Do you believe in Zodiac Signs?

 During this A-Z April Challenge, I am exploring the A-Z journey of writing a Novel with examples from Literature.

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