Friday, August 2, 2013

You and I

    My art

    When I am with you,
    I am a splendid soul,
    All the vile thoughts,
    All things dull,
    Just cease to exist.

    You are my devoir,

    Your arms my sanctum,
    Your eyes my mirror,
    The warmth of your hug my favored wrap.

    My heart beats echoing your amour,

    My blood gushes in rapture,
    My lips are tinted by your ardor,
    My skin blooms in your fervor.

    You wonder why we forget,

    The entire world throughout.
    Our ornery paths converge,
    Our thirsty souls forever merge.

    You and I, we contrived this world,

    This cozy microcosm of ours.
    You and I,  we will enshrine our love,
    Just here beneath the stars;

    The waves and the golden sand,

    the silent deponents...

    -Preethi Venugopal