Monday, March 24, 2014

The Language of Flowers...

I encountered the enchanting language that flowers convey through the book titled The Language of flowers written by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  It was a delightful read.

During the Victorian Era, this language was supposedly used as a means of covert communication between lovers. Each flower had a definite meaning associated with it. They declared love and commitment and even fought with the help of flowers.

Enchanting isn't it?

For example a Red rose meant Love, a Pink rose meant grace and a yellow rose meant Infidelity or jealousy. 

Quite funny but Cactus meant Ardent Love..
 Imagine declaring your ardent love to a person by gifting a Cactus...:P

Yellow rose: Infidelity / Jealousy

As I browsed through the list I found that Tulips, my favorite flower meant declaration of love.
That do give a new meaning to my blog. 

Tulips: Declaration of Love
  (Image Source)

Hmmm..unknowingly I had given a meaningful name to my blog. My blog is indeed my declaration of love towards Art and Writing.

I have written about the symbolism associated with Tulips in an earlier post. Read it here.

To read more about this secret language click here..

They even had a birth flower associated with each month. See the list here..

Image Source
My birth flower according to this list  is Chrysantemum and it means compassion, friendship and secret love.

Tell me what is yours...

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  1. I did the review on this books some time back. Loved the book and the special meanings to the flowers. It is God's gift to understand their language.
    Great pics.

    1. That is great to know Indrani... I loved the book..

  2. These days we use text to express different feelings associated with love ;) . But Flowers, it seems they nature's way of pouring out beauty and love. My birth flower comes out to be Misty Blue limonium. :D

    1. Text messages seem so soul-less for me..Give me a bunch of flowers any day...:)

  3. Interesting! Nice pics Ms. Preethi. Mine is Narcissus. !

  4. Wow so many meanings & learnings, Preethi :) Great!

  5. Never knew! Is it scientific?

    My flower is Daffodil!

    The Arts & Me

  6. Interesting information indeed! Yes different flowers have been given different meanings/significances, but they also vary from culture to culture, I think. And also perhaps based on many other things. The system I follow, cactus there has the significance of "riches". so that makes it a wonderful gift to give to someone :) Lovely post, as always. I find such charm every time I visit your blog.