Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Dream Vacation

Some days I just sit and daydream. This post is about one such dream. Though it is just a dream now, we wish to make it into a reality very soon.

Since the longest time, to be exact, since 2008, I have been wishing to go back to Dubai. This time, for a vacation.
While I worked there for the Dubai metro project, the days were hectic and during the weekends, we chose to rest rather than roam. Now we ( me, my husband and our seven-year-old son) wish to take in all the pleasures Dubai has to offer via a vacation. I have planned it all.

We will take the Emirates Airlines flight from here in Bangalore.  Bangalore to Dubai Flights are often filled with happy holiday makers and are hence fun. I have my cousin who lives there and so many other relatives and friends who are ready to host us during our vacation. We plan to go during the Christmas holidays. The climate in Dubai is the most pleasant around Christmas and it looks prettiest as well during the Christmas season.

The first thing that I want to do is visit Burj Khalifa. The dancing fountains, the aquarium at the Dubai Mall and lots of shopping are what I wish to do on Day one of the vacation. To reach there, we would take the metro so that we can experience the world class travel of whose construction we both (me and my husband) had been a part of. I would wish to see the Rashidiya Station Area especially once more. My section office used to be located near the Bin Sougat Mall. If possible, I would want to visit there as well. A full day dedicated to just taking in old memories and making new ones.

The next day I want to visit the Miracle garden and the butterfly garden, which my friends tell me gives a wondrous experience. I hope to take tons of pictures. I am sure my son will love watching the butterflies and would want to pose with butterflies the way his cousin Lianne did.

The next day we will visit the Dolphinarium where we will have fun with dolphins. The aquatic tricks performed by the dolphins are amazing to watch. We can even pose with the dolphins. They come to the poolside to pose with the visitors.

We would plan other random outings visiting friends and family. A visit to the flea markets to collect some good books roaming with my blogger and author friend Aathira is one among such dream outings. A dhow cruise, a visit to Jumeirah and a visit to The Atlantic at the Palm are also in the itinerary.
Dubai hosts the shopping festival during the year-end season and we would want to get a peek into the various stalls put up by the various participating countries.

A desert safari would also be fine though I am not very keen on it. I don’t want to go on a roller coaster ride on the dunes.
So now, I have made my itinerary, made the plans and sent my wishes to the universe as well. Hope, I get to visit my favorite place on earth during this December vacation.

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