Friday, June 30, 2017

Eternal Dance of Love..

Photoshop art

Unable to forget, Unable to move on;
 I live like a zombie,
Chained to the past,
 By your slowly rusting memories...

You were my last thought before I slept.
You haunted my dreams,
I woke up to myriad memories of you.

 In them I was with you; 
Your face crinkling into a smile,
my heart drumming, 
Our eyes speaking a million things...

 Sadness engulfs me,
I feel it in every inch of me, 
An overwhelming pain that threatens my sanity,
A constant ache to remind me, of you.

 Your silence hurts ,
Your disdain taunts,
Weren't you the one who vowed,
You are mine, forever?!!

 Maybe from a past life,
we have promises broken,
Perchance, an unrequited love.

 We will meet again,
If not in this, in another age.
Our souls will dance eternally till the music ends,
To keep those ancient promises alive.

Rest not till we fulfill them,
Dance to the same tunes,
Till we master the dance,
 Rest not till we fulfill the vows.

Come to me beloved,
I am tired of this dance...
I will forget the pain you gave,
Do forget the ones I gave.
And while we forget, let this music end,
Let us begin our dance anew,
With no promises or vows,
Just you, me and love galore....

--- Preethi Venugopala-----


  1. Cheers to a new beginning!
    Great lines.

  2. Longing and loss and hope - all weaved beautifully.

  3. A beautiful poem...

    Hi, dropped by your blog via the We Are The World Blogfest, but could not find a post for June. Please let me know if I can help in any way, and hope to see a post from you on the 28th July.

    Writer In Transit June#WATWB Co-Host