Saturday, September 16, 2017

4 Free Apps to Read eBooks from Your Phone

How many of you know that there are apps (both android and iOS) which allow you to read books from your phone? That too free of cost?

I have quite a good number of friends who aren’t aware of this simple fact though they would love to read free books.

This post is an answer to that question. I personally use these apps that I am going to list and can assure you they give the best reading experience ever. I am linking the apps to the Google Playstore. 

You can find them in the Apple Store too.

Kobo Books is an app that provides you with over five million eBooks that you can purchase and read. The app will sync your bookmarks and library, recommend new books based on your reading habits, and it comes with a few extra features like Night Mode. It’s not bad once you get a few books in your collection. Being a very basic app, it doesn’t allow you to read books that you already own. There are books that are permanently free too. Also, they also provide audio books too.

The Amazon Kindle app leads me to my favourite online bookstore, Amazon. I am a Kindle Unlimited subscriber as well. They also have separate eBook reader devices like Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire etc to give you a hassle free, close to paperback type reading experience.
Kindle, like Kobo, is a standalone book store to buy and read eBooks. It has a gigantic selection of free as well as paid books. It will sync your bookmarks and library and you can also use a built-in dictionary, sample books before buying them. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can “borrow” books from their library.

Juggernaut is India’s answer to Amazon’s Kindle app. Their moto is to provide books to Indian readers at never before discounts. You can purchase books for amount as low as 10 Rs. How cool is that? They have a good collection of classics which are free to download. They also encourage users to upload their own stories onto their writer’s platform. If your story is good, you might end up with a publishing contract with Juggernaut.

This isn’t one of my favourites. But they have a good collection of books. They have free eBooks to download and also you can purchase the latest offerings from best selling authors. The books also sync across devices like Amazon Kindle.

Because of all these apps, I have stopped buying paperbacks these days. Unless it is a book which doesn’t have an eBook edition, I don’t purchase paperback. I love bookmarking, highlighting and taking notes from the books I read. 

With these, I have my highlights and notes from each book saved, with easy to refer and search options.
I am hence a complete eBook lover these days.
Should I mention the huge discounts and free eBooks too to entice you?

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  1. Thanks for sharing and am on all of them, except Google. I am more comfortable with my kindle version and trying to get used to Juggernaut.

    1. Aha! That is nice. Yeah, Juggernaut app is still in its baby phase. Just a year old na!

  2. I use Kindle app the most. Thanks for listing more options! :)

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