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On Writing: Author Nivedita Vedurla #MyFriendAlexa Post no.8

Today on 'On Writing', we have Nivedita Vedurla, who started her career as a technical support, moved to software testing and then became a Business Operations Manager at Fabcoders, Goa. She gave up her career to follow her passion for writing. Her first book ‘Two Angels’ received tremendous love and appreciation from all her readers. Her stories reflect her strong belief in love, faith and the power of the mind. When she is not writing, she plays around with her kid and taps her foot to Bollywood dance numbers.

Welcome to 'On Writing', Nivedita!

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Was becoming an author always your dream or was it a particular event or incident that gave birth to the author in you?

I know I might sound very stupid, but whatever I am or whatever I do, is by chance or you can say a blessing of God. I didn’t have any intention to become an author. My sole aim was to do a part-time job, look after my son and enjoy life.
I enjoy writing stories and rest all, is taken care of by God. Yes, I am a firm believer of God and power of the subconscious mind.

How important are the names of the characters in your books to you? Do you spend agonizing hours deciding on their names?

I pick up names, according to the character I am writing and keeping in mind the other protagonist of the story. I do Google searches for getting my character names.

What is your writing process like? Do you write every day? Is there a favourite place to write?

There is absolutely no work schedule with my toddler around, but I try to write as much as possible when I have any free time. The passion for writing helped me cut off Television time, mid-noon naps, outings and other distraction except (facebook J). I focus these leisure times in my writing.

What is different about ‘Rhythm of Love’?

'Rhythm of love' is a story of the present time and based on experiences I have heard and undergone. It is not just a usual story of boy meets a girl and sparks fly.  I have tried to keep it as realistic as possible. When a person from a middle-class family reads it, they will feel a strong connection with the story.

Who is your favourite character in the book and why?

My favourite character is Lucky. The best friend of the female protagonist, Esha. She is bold, fierce and everybody in her circle says she is a bad girl, but she has a heart which is pure gold.

I used this character to give a message that sometimes we judge people in a wrong way while they turn out to be the greatest help we could ever imagine.

Which do you prefer as a reader? EBook or Paperback?

Ebooks. 100%

How long did it take to finish writing ‘Rhythm of Love’?

Two months approx for writing and one month for editing.

How important do you think is marketing in today’s world for any book?

If you want someone to pick up your book, then the first thing that you need is marketing.  My suggestion to people who have just started writing is even if you drafted only a page of your story. Build a social media platform and start putting something into it every day. Let people know what you are doing, create a brand and generate followers. So, when your book is ready, it gets sold like hot cakes. 

Please share a passage or quote from ‘Rhythm of Love’ for our readers.

My favourite is this poem from the book

Love is a blessing from God
It is above the judgment of good and bad
It is the rhythm of the heart
Which finds peace when it finds the perfect one
Made for you by God
You may run away from it
But, love will find you in the end.

What are the tips you have for readers of this interview who are aspiring writers?

1) When you write your first book or say first poetry don’t set the expectation from others, write for your own heart. Let your heart choose the topic, let it form the words, without thinking about how will people take it.
2) Write every day, and believe that you are growing. When you write every day, you will see words will start forming in a rhythmic manner and each sentence you write will become a quote.

Thank you, Nivedita. Wishing you the very best for your future endeavours.

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Book Blurb:
Esha comes from a background where being bad is an unforgivable sin. But being good means living a restricted life, and making many sacrifices in order to follow all the accepted social norms. 
After graduation, she moves to Mumbai and discovers a whole new life. 
During her struggles to find a job, she meets Siddharth, a start-up owner, who employs her as his assistant. Life is good until one mistake changes the course of her life. 
Can this one misunderstanding destroy all her efforts and dreams?
Find out how Esha struggles to overcome the misconceptions of good and bad, and how she survives to fulfil all her dreams in Rhythm of Love.

Indian Love story with a happy ending.

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