Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Memento from the Awesome Three...

Time weaves a tapestry of memories. In my case, some areas of this fascinating tapestry are prettier and fonder, while some others elicit a forgotten ache in my heart.

I have a memento I cherish from a happy and carefree past. My three awesome friends presented it to me as a parting gift. I carry it around with me wherever I go. It is a lucky charm to me.

 "Girls always love gold" (Reason for giving me the gift)

Let me tell you a little about them. They were my colleagues in Dubai Metro and we bonded like real siblings while there. Sanjeev Bharadwaj (Sanju), Navneeth Kalangi (Pandu) and Anas Mohammad formed this amazing trio.

All three were in their early twenties. Each one was unique and I guess what endeared them to me was their innocence. There was no malice or spite in their hearts. They loved to smile and make others smile.

Sanjeev was a prankster, Anas courted mishaps at site and Pandu was sensitive and child- like among the three. He would end up fighting with the other two, and I would play the agony aunt.

Sanjeev once called me early in the morning while on night shift just to pester me and recorded the expletives I showered on him. Later he played it amidst much fanfare during a lunch hour.

Whenever some accidents happened on-site, Anas would be the site - in- charge without doubt. Once a pipe which was not shown in the utility drawings of Dewa (Dubai Electicity and Water Authority), burst while pile driving, leaving a poor Anas standing watching as a fountain of water shot up in front of the office of our client, the RTA (Road and Transport Authority). Another time an Egyptian met with an accident at midnight hitting the traffic barriers at his site while he was on duty.

Pandu was senior by experience and we would look up to him to guide us about the kind of work happening on site and about how to deal with our managers who were polar opposites of each other.
Glimpses from the farewell dinner

When I quit work in 2008, we vowed to each other to be in touch and thankfully, we still are.
Friendship :)

All three are a bit angry with me, as I could not attend any of their marriages. However, their wives are my friends already.

Thank you for being in my life.

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  1. It is a beautiful gift and more than that the friendship is even more precious!

  2. May the friendship last forever!

  3. True friendship is the greatest gift in itself... and a gift from friends is like a bunch of memories that we would treasure always. You're so lucky to have so loving friends. :)

  4. Wow that's a beautiful memento and I'm sure it reminds you of your friendship every time you see it :)

  5. Wow that's a beautiful memento and I'm sure it reminds you of your friendship every time you see it :)

  6. Lovable! Memories are special! Well written Preethi, best wishes for the contest! May you win and may your friendship tree be green always!

    The Arts & Me

    1. Thank you Sindhu... I hope my friendship tree is evergreen..

  7. Lovely dear Preethi! Special memories...
    Thanks for inviting me! I will post my entry soon :)
    Best wishes to you!

    1. Here's my entry, Preethi-

      Hope you like it! :)
      Thanks for tagging me!

  8. The gift is dam pretty and always fun to be in touch with old friends no?


  9. Great post.
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  10. Beautiful gift and that too from friends, awesome! :)