Friday, February 28, 2014

A Sunset to Remember...

While on a very short vacation, I visited Kasaragod beach which is at a distance of a mere two kilometers from my husband's place. 
Along with my sister-in -law and her kid, we three watched a beautiful sunset. The kids went crazy playing with sand and waves and had a gala time.

Some memories captured by my camera...

Waiting for the sea to wash away my name... 

Bonding by the sea...

Celestial Light..

The romantic in me...

My son making some palm prints...

Almost time...
The final bye...


  1. Aw! Such breathtaking snaps Preethi!
    I particularly loved the heart one! Very beautiful images indeed :)

  2. Something about the sunset that is very calming and serene, I think. You have captured that feeling nicely in these shots.

  3. Nice ones, Preethi! There's a lot of fun associated with beaches & sunrise & sunset! Kids enjoy the most! My kid loves too!
    And of course the kid inside us also finds expression :)

  4. Awesome shots peaceful they look ...

  5. Lovely shots! Some memorable moments framed so well.

  6. Beautiful pics. I always love beaches.
    Hope you visited Muzhapilangad beach near thalassery. If not you must try the drive in beach. Its too good to drive in the sands.

  7. Looks like u really enjoyd d trip. Good pics