Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Web Portal for Car Lovers

Trust Indiblogger to come up with innovative contests and introduce us to new websites and brands.

This time, they have introduced us to a unique website, which aims to bring together car lovers. Don’t we have at least one in each home, who wants to brag about his/her favorite companion, their cars?

I have many in my family, whose favorite time-pass is researching or browsing about their dream car. One very mad cousin has a huge poster of a Lamborghini pasted in his room that is the first thing he wants to see when he gets up. Forget about Deepika Padukone or any other hot female. Lamborghini is his femme fatale, who gives him adrenaline rush.

When I logged onto Carconnect.in with my facebook account, I found many such youngsters who had shared their car experiences and long drive memories. I knew then that I have to write about this unique website which aims to bring together car lovers and provide them a platform to share (brag) about their love for their four wheeler.

About Carconnect.in:

Carconnect.in is a portal that lets you enjoy the ultimate car experience. You can share your car experiences, compare the latest cars, find cars that fall right under your budget, become updated with the latest and changing trends of the global automobile industry and above all, interact with like-minded people who share a passion for cars just like you.

Unique Features:

·        Create your own profile page: You can create a profile page by logging in with Facebook. It takes just a few minutes to create your profile page. Once you create your profile, you get access to the other features of the site.

·        Find friends on the portal: If you have your friends registered on car connect, you can join them in sharing your long drive and car experiences. You can also compete with them to earn the badges. The below snippet explains how to earn badges and what each badge entitles you to receive.

·        Share Experiences: This tab allows you to submit your experiences. You have two options. You can enter your Car experience, where you describe your experience driving a car you own. You can write about Long drive experiences, where you get to describe a memorable long drive you made in a car where you may have been the driver or might have been a passenger. The posts undergo moderation and my posts were approved within a few minutes after my submission.

My long drive experience

·        Leaderboard: On the leaderboard, you can find all those who have earned the badges before you got your chance to join the battle for the badges.

·        Long Drive: This tab provides you the best long drive experiences explained by members tabulated under various destinations. When you click on a destination, a post, which gives a detailed explanation of the route of the journey and the experiences along the way, opens up.

·        Compare cars: Using this tab, you can avail the service of experts, who will send you a detailed pdf report of a comparative study of two cars you want to be compared, as an email within 48 hours.

·        Car news: This is another unique feature, which provides you with the latest car news from around the world, with focus on India.

·        New Launches: This feature announces the latest car launches in India with details about the on- road- price, launch date and the venue of the launch.

·        Chat Room: There is a chat room where you can join your friends and other members of the portal, to chat about cars, cars and more cars.

The portal is user-friendly and doesn’t make you scratch your head much to navigate about or find the various features. The layout is elegant and simple.

Suggestions I have are:
1.     They can make it a touch more colorful with Car photos and stuff on the home page.

2.      The layout of the experience column and the photos that are uploaded can be given a better layout. Now the photos are embedded at the end of the post, which makes the experiences long text columns. If they were interspersed with photos, the experience would be more expressive.

Sharing my experience on Car connect made me go down the memory lane on many nostalgic trips. Thank you Carconnect.in for the opportunity.

In this age when the cyber space rules our lives like the kings of a foregone era, Carconnect.in has enough material to make in-roads into the life of all car enthusiasts.
Check out their website here: http://www.carconnect.in/
This review is written for Indistuff, part of Indiblogger in association with Carconnect.in


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