Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Aarohi's Lovestory

“No Aarohi, No. I have seen him and I do not want you to marry him. No matter what you say, no matter how well earning he is, he doesn’t suit my princess in anyway. Look at you and look at him. You look like a Disney princess and he looks like a rogue from a cheap bollywood movie,” shouted my father and stomped away from the room.

I couldn’t blame him. When Ajay had come to meet my parents, who were on a brief visit to our city, he had just recovered from flu and didn’t look his best. More than that, he hadn’t been able to shave and his unkempt looks had driven Daddy up the wall with anger. My Dad, due to his upscale London upbringing, couldn’t tolerate anyone who dressed shabbily or didn’t care to groom oneself properly.

I was so sure of his approval. I was madly in love with Ajay and we both had built castles with our many dreams about spending our future together. All those dreams had crashed in a flash. Sad, I sat in the favorite corner of my living room and wept hugging the heart shaped pillow, which Ajay had gifted me.

“Aarohi, don’t worry. Your Dad will eventually come around. I have a plan. Listen,” said my Mom and my face lit up with a smile on hearing it.

After much persuasion from Mom and me, my father agreed to meet Ajay one last time. He told me it was a mere waste of time.

While we were walking towards our table which had been booked for us in an uptown restaurant by Ajay, my father pointed out to me a man seated at a table obviously waiting for his dinner guests to arrive, impatiently looking at his watch.
“That is the sort of man whom I would approve as your groom without much ado. Just look how he shines among all the others seated there. Ha… Aarohi how I wish he was your choice,” said Dad and I chuckled and then laughed aloud.

Dad glared at me and I shook my head to ward off the laughter, which was refusing to stop.
“Dad, that is Ajay,” I said and watched my Dad’s mouth open wide to form an O.
My snobbish Dad was stupefied by the clean-shaven look of my boyfriend who had taken care to shave off his unsightly beard and had worn a well-fitted suit.

“Ok then girl, I approve,” said Dad and I ran and hugged him tight thanking him profusely. Ajay joined us and I watched as my proud Dad shook his hand. Mom winked at me and raised her fingers in a victory sign. Ajay had followed her instructions to a T.

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  1. Such a sweet story, Preethi!
    Glad she doesn't have to weep holding the heart-shaped pillow anymore! Happy ending!
    Thanks for acknowledging my tag.
    Do hope you have submitted the link on the contest page as well. Best wishes!
    Happy New Year :)

    1. Thank you Anita. Yes, I acknowledged you on the contest page as well.