Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Mother's thoughts About Classroom Hunger

There is nothing more satisfying than feeding a hungry child. I am a mother and when I am able to give hot and tasty food to my son when he is hungry, I am the happiest. When he is away from home, I wonder whether he has eaten, I wonder about his ability to feed himself. He is just six, and at home I take care that he finish what he has been given.

But when at school, there is no mother who will keep on checking whether he has finished his snack, or completed eating his lunch. His lunch would only be half eaten and he would say that the food was cold and unappetizing. I then wish I could be a helicopter mom and could hover around there inspecting him eating and compelling him to finish his food. Kids don’t understand that food is essential for proper growth, for developing immunity and to get a proper attention span while sitting in class.

I can tempt him with hot and his favorite food on returning home. But how to keep him happy and hunger-free at school? Now he has classes only until noon, but from next year he would be there till two fifty in the evening. I worry about his hunger already. But if I somebody could assure me that he would eat his lunch properly and he won’t be starving by the time he reach home, I can be happy. The lunch, which I would prepare at 6.30 in the morning, won’t taste as good b noon. And he would refuse to eat it.

But what if he was served hot and tasty food at school? What if the authorities saw to it that classroom hunger was eliminated? I would be the happiest.

Even though Akshay Patra Foundation which provides mid-day meal to many school kids all over the country, it is not involved in the activities of my son’s school and I am plotting on ways on how I can provide hot and tasty food to my son during lunch hours. May be I can slip in his lunch box during lunch hours and bribe his teacher to make sure that he ate his lunch!

Blogadda, as part of its blogger responsibility activities is sponsoring to feed a child with every blog post that a registered member writes on the theme. This post is written with that aim. I request my fellow bloggers to participate and use this opportunity to feed a child. Come on folks, let us eliminate Classroom hunger!

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

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