Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Year to Welcome With Passion

My art

Everyone has a passion and passion often leads us to success. I have two main passions, one is writing and other is art.

I was bitten by both these passions almost at the same time during the summer of 2011. I had lost my father in March and was depressed. I had to do something to distract myself in order to escape the wallowing sadness. That was how I discovered the power of creativity in eliminating sadness. Words and art slowly but strongly helped me face my loss. They provided an outlet to vent my sadness and my frustration.

It is often during the darkest hours that the best things are born. We learn the best things while coping up with hardships.  Those experiences make us and shape us into the persons we are destined to be. Often during these times, we stumble upon things accidently and they change our life.

I discovered the world of knowledge hidden in the many You Tube Videos during my darkest hours. I self taught myself to draw portraits with their help. It was entertaining as well as informative. The best thing was that they were free.

The only problem that existed was the slow buffering of the videos, which sometimes killed the enthusiasm of studying something. Right at the peak moment, the video would start to buffer. I would then wish for a faster machine that would not bring in any hurdles in viewing the videos.
Recently I am addicted to the “Who Do You Think You Are” series on BBC, which has more than 200 popular videos uploaded in You Tube. I love the series because of the stories that they feature, of the tragedies, happiness and hardships some of the ancestors of the featured celebrities went through. They bring us vignettes from the life of long forgotten people from a long forgotten era. Each video brings me an unexplored territory of history that I could write about or get inspired to write a story. It talks about what expectations, perseverance and ambition can do to a person.
My resolution for 2015 is to complete my work in progress, my second full-length novel and to write more short stories on my blog. I want to grow as an author.

When I watched the demo video of Micromax Canvas Tab P666, I knew what I require to fulfill my dream for 2015.

I will watch more inspirational videos and be more creative in 2015. I want the best of me to be show cased on my blog and writings. I am sure I would be inspired daily by watching my favorite videos online. I have also become a member of the 5 am club of Robin Sharma. I begin my day with the 20-20-20 rule, 20 minutes exercise, 20 minutes of watching inspirational videos and 20 minutes planning my day or journaling.

Now I can also stay connected with friends & family with voice-calling and 3G connectivity of Canvas Tab P666! It has 3G Connectivity, Voice Call Support, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and Micro USB Support. I can watch the videos with clarity, download and store them and even read books online.

I plan to gift one for my cartoon and angry birds addicted son after downloading all the gaming apps.

Definitely a must buy it is.

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  1. Truly said:It is often during the darkest hours that the best things are born. We learn the best things while coping up with hardships. I felt glad to know how you very positively channelized your darkest hours.. All the best with your second novel..I've visited your columns dedicated to your paintings, those are so brilliant, radiating vibrancy of each shade.. My best wishes for your pursuit of becoming a successful writer.. A very happy new year to you and your family.. :)

  2. Hey, happy new year and may all ur dreams come true. Time is a big healer and during rough moments, it uplifts us to discover self. I am sure your father is always with you.

  3. beautiful artwork! have a great 2015.