Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Living my dreams


Every man dreams and there is no limit to his dreaming capability. I too have my set of dreams. I day dream about my favorite things and yearn to do things that I always have wished to do.
I cannot fulfill them always as many issues come in the path of attaining them. There may be times when everything falls in place to pursue your dream and then a barrier comes in the form of a family tragedy, a health issue or a sudden financial scare. Dreams are shattered this way, very often. Very often, people quit when they are just a hairbreadth away from attaining their dreams.
If I had a chance to live my dreams #BefikarUmarBhar, I have my wish list of things I want to do, achieve.

1) I would travel all around the world:
I love to read about places and like to travel to places, but what comes as a hindrance are often family responsibilities, financial constraints and sometimes health. If there were no restraints in anything, I would become the wanderlust traveler, the carefree soul who would visit every nook and corner of the world for the rest of my life.

2) I would publish 100 novels:
I know this is a hard to achieve thing even if you had the normal disciplined routine of a writer. But I would devote all the hours that I can to writing stories.  I would create stories that change lives of people who read it, because they will inspire them to live life to the fullest.

3) I would start a library chain:
I have been a bibliophile since I was a child. I am in love with books. I would start libraries at various corners of the world to encourage people to read. And of course, there will be special offers for bibliophiles. I would encourage new writers to use the library to further their careers. The library would have special section dedicated to creative writing.

4) I would give the world to my son:
If I had the ability to do whatever I wish and however I wish, I would give my son whatever he wishes for. He would be given the freedom to explore his dreams; he will find whatever he wishes for at his feet, at the requested time.

5) I would help eliminate hunger from the world:
Man can’t tolerate hunger. Yet many around the world die of hunger. If I could do something to eliminate hunger from the world, I would dedicate myself to it. There are a thousand ways to help feed a hungry human being. I would use every one of them to end the pain of hunger. My granny used to say that giving someone food when they need it the most is the holiest thing in the world. May be I can elevate my Karma b doing some very good charity in the field of hunger management.

Those are the five things that come to me at the moment. I wish they all come true and I can live a carefree life soon.
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