Sunday, February 1, 2015

Shop or buy with ease using Quikr NXT

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Clutter is the biggest source of energy drain in every household. Unknown to us, unused electronic items, clothes, books all add to the clutter in our life draining the much needed positive energy or CHI from any house. These items have a negative energy field and hence we need to remove this clutter from our home to bring in positive energy. Things that remind you of a lost loved one, a pet or an unremarkable past often become items that should be trashed.

Many people tend to sell such items using Quikr and buyers get it at a rate, which proves to be quite a steal.

I have explored quikr before and experienced problems while trying to buy. Some of the sellers failed to pick up the calls. Some others had given vague details online while I wanted more details about the product. Some dealers would post the ad for a single item and when I contacted them, they would insist I had to buy in bulk and that they won’t sell a single piece.

These days if you call somebody, you inevitably end up in their whatsapp contacts list. Thus our display picture becomes a public property if we are not careful. Many even use the opportunity to ping complete strangers and disturb them with lewd messages, videos and even phone calls. It is such an invasive world. It is very hard to protect our privacy when we are dealing with online clients or buying from complete strangers.

When I heard about Quikr NXT, I found the idea of the app quite impressive. With Quikr NXT, a buyer and seller can maintain privacy and contact each other by using the chat facility provided by the app. The app records the chat history and facilitates exchange of photos. Moreover, the best thing is the facility is available as a mobile app and at the Quikr website.

Benefit for the seller:
For the seller this facility is a boon. He/she need not worry about calls coming in at inconvenient times or forgetting about the amount they had quoted for a particular item to a buyer. The app keeps the complete chat history saved.
Every seller would be reluctant to display his private phone number to the world. With Quikr NXT, the person is able to interact with his buyers just by using his Quikr ID. He can ensure that his number remains private throughout the transaction.

Benefit for the Buyer:
For a buyer too this is a boon. Whenever he/she is online, they can leave a message requesting details or showing interest. They can give details of their requirement and can even request for more views of the actual product.  We can even request direction details to visit the seller at their shop or house with more accuracy and convenience.

There would be fewer hassles involved in buying and selling. I am sure this app is going to bring the buyers and sellers across the nation closer than before. Even I am now thinking about opening a Quikr account myself. 

If you are thinking so too, Click the below link.

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