Thursday, June 4, 2015

When I miss you : Quotes from Without You

"I relived those memories repeatedly until I could breathe in his presence all around. The thought that I had lost him forever was a constant dull pain. May be poets had it right. Love was pain in disguise. I revered it, as there was pleasure in that pain."

"Days began to pass in monotony from then on. The same rush hour in the mornings, the boring lectures, surveys, and labs kept me busy. The moment I paused, I remembered him, and the fact that I had lost him. I was grateful that I had those things to keep me busy. An inch long scar on my left wrist, reminded me of an enchanted world of love, which had vanished like a mirage. Although, I craved for any contact from Arjun, all I got was silence, no visits and no phone calls. I searched for him in crowds and every tall person reminded me of him."

If you liked these quotes, I sure you will love Ananya and Arjun's story.

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