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Newbie Corner: Kirti Garg

On 'Newbie Corner' today, we have the teen-wonder and talented author, Kirti Garg.
Welcome to 'Newbie Corner' Kirti.

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Tell us a little about yourself. How did you begin writing?
People know me as Kirti Garg and I’m a girl in my mid teens. I’m currently pursuing my higher secondary education from BBV, Pilani. Having great interest in computer programming, I aspire to be a software engineer. I have a great interest in exploring new places and learning about different cultures.
It was when ‘Deergh Sharma’, a close friend of mine discovered a spark in me to write that I actually began writing poems. So, all the credit of what I’m today goes to him. I’m now a budding writer whose works have been published in online magazines including ‘Salis Online’ and ‘Sniffers’. My works have been published in compilation namely ‘Raksha Bandhan-An Anthology’ and have been selected for publishing in ‘Snowflakes of Love’, ’31 Crimes’ and ‘Colors: Different Shades of Life’.

What is your favorite genre in writing?
I generally write poems and prefer to metaphorically elaborate my views. My writings revolve around nature and its beauty while giving a social message.  At times, I also write about love, friendship, and companionship.

Who inspires you most and to whom would you dedicate your creative growth?
The only name that deserves the credit behind my creative growth is Deergh Sharma. I’m highly thankful to him for bringing me to this wonderful world of writing. I just can’t imagine what I would have been, if in case, I wouldn’t have come across him. He’s my inspiration and my mentor. My poem ‘Embellishing Love’ that is soon to be published in ‘Snowflakes of Love’ is my gratitude to him for finding in me a potential to write.

What kind of a writer are you? Do you plot the entire novel/story or make it up as you write?
I compose poems and my poems describe me. While I’m sitting idle, some two or three lines start arousing in me the intention to write that poem. And that’s how; the whole poem comes into being.

Do you have a favorite place to write or a scheduled time to write every day?
I prefer to write in the lap of nature amidst the green beauty or under the serene night sky.  I’m also comfortable writing in my bedroom with the peaceful environment. All thanks to my brother and sister for providing me that space while I write.

Who are your favorite authors and what is the genre that you like reading most?
In particular, there’s no one whom I would say as my favorite author. I appreciate Preeti Shenoy for her unique characterization and Sidney Sheldon for her amazing suspense.
In case of genres, I prefer reading love, romance, satire, crime, mystery, and suspense.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
What future holds for me is something I’m totally blank about. However, I’m looking forward to seeing myself in more anthologies and writing newspaper columns. For now, that’s what my goal is.
 Is there one subject you would never write about as an author? What is it?
I cannot think of any one particular subject that I would avoid being an author. If I find myself capable of writing about that particular topic, I would just do. I wouldn’t limit my imaginations and would let them flow with the ink of the pen.

 How much important do you think marketing is for the success of a book?
No matter how wonderful book an author has written, if he doesn’t market it well, it’s not going to get appreciated. It’s not going to reach its readers on its own.
Marketing is like the oxygen for a book. It makes a book breathe and reach the larger number of audience.

What is the message that you want to convey to the readers through your writing?
While I write, I pen down my pure imaginations. Even if my piece of writing doesn’t give any message to the public out there, I make it sure that it doesn’t harm the society in any way. However, my writings speak volume about nature conservation, women empowerment and society development.

Thank You Kirti for coming on Newbie Corner. Wish you all success!

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