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On Writing: Shikha Kumar

Today on 'On Writing' we have the talented best selling author Shikha Kumar.

Shikha Kumar has a B-Tech degree in Computer Science from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Delhi. Professionally she’s as a Manager with top IT company. She has travelled to, and worked in different countries. She enjoys travelling, reading, writing and watching movies. 

Her first book - "He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Him" recieved huge appreciation amongst media, critics and readers. **** It will soon be adapted as major motion picture.***
Shikha is presently working on her next book. Details to be revealed soon.

Welcome to ‘On Writing’ Shikha Kumar.

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Your debut novel “He fixed the match, she fixed him” is a national best seller. What according to you makes it so popular?

It feels very humble to know that you’ve managed to make a mark. I’m just doing my best in my capacity in every area possible – from writing to marketing. I think my book is being loved for its content, so everything else is working in its favor.

Your book is being made into a movie soon. Do tell us about it.

Yes, that’s dream come true for any author. I’m lucky that my angels smiled wide at me. It’s still in the infancy stage, and I’m actively looking for PR to take this news to the world. Let’s see how things turn out.

You have a regular day job as a manager with a top IT company. When do you find time to write?

Finding time is an unceasing daily battle, I hope to win each day, but still there are days I don’t write a word. So I guess it’s all credit to this shark after me to squeeze some time from the crazy schedule that keeps me going.

What kind of a writer are you? Do you plot the entire story or write it the way the story takes you?

I’m definitely the second one. I write scene by scene. I change many things to chisel story. I think my loyalty is always more with characters than story, for me their personalities drive the story.

Which part in the creation of a book do you find the most boring— writing, editing, querying, publishing or marketing?

I think editing. Not boring to be honest, but it excites the least. Making grammatical corrections, some re-writing, etc. are important aspects, but then I don’t really add value to your product. Having said that Editing is an important devil and can really take you down if not well-addressed.

 Is there any particular habit or belief or superstition that you associate with your writing process?

No really. In fact, I’m on a war against superstitions. And then with a handful of time to write, if I have quirks or superstitions, I’ll go nowhere. Having said that, I consider Thursdays lucky for me. So I prefer signing important deal or agreement on that day. Pretty much, that's it.

What other works are you currently working on?

Next book in December. And then I’m writing my third very actively. Then of course are my columns at DailyO, which I write a regular basis.

How important do you think marketing is for the success of a book?

 Unfortunately, most important. Even more important than writing a good book. To go out and convincing readers to grab a copy is the biggest battle of today’s ruthless world.

What are the three tips you have for readers of this interview who are aspiring writers?

1) Be fearless. Don’t follow trends, write what you can write the best.
2) Set a marketing budget
3) Don’t give up. Detach yourself to rejections.

Thank you Shikha. That was interesting! Wishing you the best for all your future endeavors.

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  1. It's quite a challenge to write books when you're on a full time job. Kudos to Shikha for being able to write so successfully despite her professional commitments. Interesting interview, Preethi. 😃