Thursday, January 21, 2016


Image Source: Magpie Tales 

Fate had laid her bare,
Her chase for wealth,
Ended in a chasm so huge,
She resisted the pull with all her strength.
Her sweaty palms held tight
The rope of hope with all her might.

Her wishes, her tears,
Added to the fears,
She let go at last and fell,
She fell too deep.

Darkness, it was darkness all around,
And loneliness,
 That devoured her body and soul.
Her distressed soul decided to call it quits,
Enough was enough.
It left her yearning and whining body,
In search of pleasant pastures,
And cheerful minds.

Her body, it pined alone,
Loneliness feasted on it bit by bit.
Her heart had ceased to beat,
The lips sang no more.
No more tales of tears or happy sojourns.

Her eyes, they refused to shut,
Stubbornly hoping to watch another morn.
Her hair, still raven black, joined the eyes
 in her wait for the morn,
A rogue wind blew the hair on her eyes
And closed it shut.

Her hair continued to rebel,
Fluttering in the breeze,
Swearing at time.
Till a roaring rain came in,
Burying it in a mudslide.
Only loneliness remained.

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  1. Melancholy at its best.. Particularly loved the last stanza!

  2. Thank you Aathira. Meloncholy is sometimes sweet, right?

  3. If you can weave these words so beautifully...loneliness can be beautiful and peaceful too...well done:-)

  4. Amazing creation ... have been reading your debut novel in parts these days. Loving the romance building up in Sreepuram

  5. You have a way with words, Preethi! You weave magic into them. I can find peace and happiness in this poem even though it depicts loneliness.

  6. Dark, melancholic and gut wrenching. Your words touches the soul in a sensitive fashion. Effortless:)

  7. takes you to a new zone of emptiness.