Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Where are you?

Image Source: Magpie Tales
Where are you?

Do you remember me?

My flowers are wilting,

My hair is unkempt since long,

My eyes no longer yield any tears.

I was a dead log,

Life began with your arrival,

It ended when you left me for another.

Why did you make promises that you never intended to keep?

Why did you allow my dreams to bloom?

Sweet blossoms, they wither with every passing breeze.

The wind whispers tales about you,

Of another wilting rose,

About another dead log,

Of unkempt tresses,

About another pair of haunted eyes!

In those days of cheer,

I had chided the wind,

Called him a liar,

A jealous lover.

The time now tells me how blind I was!

But my stubborn heart still prays for a miracle,

For a day when all the whispers would die a shameful death,

When you will arrive again,

Like the long-awaited drop of rain.

New shoots, new leaves will surround me again,

I will wait for that dawn,

 Like a fool, I will await you.

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  1. True...the ones who go, are best forgotten! :D

  2. Oh, this is so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Can read it over and over again!

  3. A heart in love can never stop praying for miracles.

    Lovely read Preethi.

  4. lovely thought and the poem is interesting! nice take :)

  5. All the while knowing, we are fools to wait...but there we stand...alone and hoping

  6. Beautifully expressed the desire and the deceive :)

  7. Perhaps the most hurting thing is to be deceived in love. :(

    Thanks for participating :)
    Happy writing!

    1. True. Deception is hard to forget.
      Thank you for the opportunity.