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On Writing: Tarang Sinha

Today on ‘On Writing’, we have Tarang Sinha who is a freelance writer and editor and author of ‘We Will Meet Again…’She is an avid reader and an active Blogger. Her works have been published in magazines like Good Housekeeping India, Child India, Woman’s Era and Alive, and a bestselling anthology “Uff Ye Emotions 2”. A science graduate, she holds a Diploma in Creative Writing in English from IGNOU.

Welcome to ‘On Writing’ Tarang Sinha.

How did writing begin for you? Was becoming an author always your dream or was it a particular event or incident that gave birth to the author in you?

First of all, thank you so much for featuring me on your blog.
Unlike many writers, I started writing very late. I wanted to become everything except a writer. It just happened. Sprouted and burgeoned (still growing).
When my first story got published in Women’s Era, I thought, ‘Okay, I can write! It’s time to take it seriously.’
 Then, I created my blog, and it helped me to keep writing and improve.

How important are the names of the characters in your books to you? Do you spend agonizing hours deciding on their names?

They are very important for me, even minor characters! Different (Not difficult) names are cool. I even search baby names on websites sometimes.

What is your writing process like? Do you write every day? Is there a favorite place to write?

I try to write every day, but there’s no hard and fast rule. I think it’s okay to take a break. When I don’t write, I read. Social media is a great motivator. Even if you write a quotation or a small opinion piece on Social Media, it’s okay!
The place doesn’t matter to me. I just need silence and some uninterrupted time to shape up those whirling thoughts and ideas. Sometimes, my over-occupied mind disturbs me, and then I scribble my thoughts in my diary/notebook.

What is special about ‘We will meet again’? How long did it take to complete writing it?

We Will Meet Again is a mature love story. It’s about strong characters, relatable situations. It’s about growing in a relationship. It carries various shades of emotions without being mushy, and flavours of humour and repartee. I have tried to keep my voice reader-friendly.
It’s a long journey. Actually, We Will Meet Again was a short story I was writing many years back. But, I thought that the idea was too broad for a short story. So, I left that story unfinished. While I wrote many stories, this broad idea won’t leave me. It kept whirling in my mind, and then I thought maybe I can shape it up as a novel. It was a bizarre feeling as I never thought I could write a novel.
It took almost 8 months to finish my messy first draft. But, I did not like what I wrote, so I let it rest for some time. Then began vigorous editing, re-writing, major changes…

Who is your favorite character in the book and why?
Oh, this is a tough question! Every character (even the minor ones) has some role to play in my book. If I must answer this question, then it would be my male protagonist, Abhigyan. I don’t know why, but I enjoyed portraying his character. A character that may seem perfect, but his life is certainly not perfect.

Do share a snippet/ Quote from your book.

Is there a certain type of scene that is harder for you to write than others? Did you face such an issue while writing ‘We will meet again’?

I think, for me, it’d be difficult to write sex scenes. But, I did not face any such difficulties while writing my book as there are no such scenes in my book. Not because I find it difficult. Because my story did not demand it, and I don’t believe in forcing sex scene just for the heck of it.

What is your method of writing? Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I don’t know. Maybe both. I need to plot the basic structure of my story. I can’t just start writing without knowing what I am going to write about. But, a book is not just about basic plot structure. It needs sub-plots. Several situations, dialogues, and reactions of characters to move forward. Sometimes, I cannot help going with the situations where characters react in a certain way, the way they want.

Which do you prefer as a reader? EBook or Paperback?
Paperback, any day! I have tried some e-books, but for me, it’s paperback only.

What are the three tips you have for readers who are aspiring writers?
Listing some points that have worked for me:
         1) Read. You cannot be a good writer if you are not a good reader. Sometimes,         reading certain books can be a learning experience.
        2) The prime job of a writer is to write. So write. Write anything. A book review or a small opinion piece. Don’t just procrastinate. A dream needs actions to get fulfilled.
        3) Be a good listener and observer.

Thank you, Tarang! It was wonderful to have you over. I wish the very best for your book.
Now it is your turn, go grab the book!

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