Thursday, October 20, 2016

Finding the Zest Again

For an outsider, Aditya Chauhan lived a privileged life, flawless from any angle. He was, after all, the CEO of a multi-billion dollar business empire, a proud father to two teenagers, a loving husband and traveled across the globe frequently. A bright smile always lit up his face. Yet, life felt strange at times.  The more money he earned, the more forlorn he was beginning to feel. The zest was missing because Aditya longed for his old life terribly. If he could barter all his riches in exchange for his carefree college days, he would have done that happily.

During those days, he and his team of five nature lovers spent all their time exploring nature. They had been avid trekkers. They had made it a mission to go on at least four trekking trips every year. They saved all year along, to book group trips that would take them to different parts of the country.
 He wished those days were back. He wanted to spend some time away from the grinding schedule of his work. Away from all responsibilities and sleep under the night sky, conquer more peaks and watch the splendor of nature perched high on magnificent cliff tops.

All five of them were now neck deep in business and jobs. Yet every year, they met at some five-star resort with family and bonded over food and news.

Then an idea struck. Why hadn’t this idea occurred to any of them before? Their next meet was scheduled for the end of next month. He messaged his idea to all five of his friends and the response was immediate. A resounding ‘Yes, go ahead’ from all five of them. His wife and two teenagers were thrilled when they heard about the plan.

 He searched online the various trekking operators and found a link to and checked the trekking trips available for beginners. It was time to make their entire families crazy about trekking. He logged in his contact details at the Everest base camp trek page.  Within a few hours, quotes from verified trekking operators arrived in his inbox. The five friends exchanged emails deciding on the details. The entire planning went on without any hassles.

 At the end of next month, the five friends , as they sat around a raging campfire, breathing in the clean mountain air, singing songs from their youth under a starlit sky, made a covenant that they would do this as often as possible. After all, you lived only once.


  1. Finding the zest again and again is a necessity.

  2. Wonderful post :) Thank you so much for sharing! Great day...

  3. That is the situation for almost everyone today. We become so busy in our lives that we fail to enjoy it (one of the prime reasons why we are earning). Nicely connected with the prompt and yes, we all should look for that zest!