Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Art of Slow Motion Narration

Do you cherish evocative, slow-motion narration in a story?
Slow motion narration is the evocative description of events that might happen within a short span of time, sometimes as less than 10 secs or less.

In this technique, the moment is exploded into tiny visuals that are memorable.
For example, while something important is transpiring, the smallest details gets imprinted in our memory.
A writer's duty is to hunt for such special moments and bring it alive on paper. Nora Roberts is an expert at creating such visuals, so are many other romance writers.
This kind of slow motion narration helps to bring down the pace of the narration, thereby giving the reader time to savor these special moments thus adding to the reading experience.

So how do you write in slow motion?

There are three steps involved:

1) Describe the feelings of the main character when the action is about to happen.
2) Describe the action vividly along with the feelings it invokes in the main character.
3) Describe what happened afterward.

If you are able to split any given action into these three parts and describe it, you will succeed to write in slow motion narration.
Slow motion narration is especially important in romances and thrillers. Don't we all love when we experience the adrenaline rush or the mushy moments that the characters in the book we are reading experience? It is like a snippet that will get etched in our memory.
Not only does this make the writing evocative, it also fleshes out the characters. 

Who are your favorite authors who make use of slow motion narration in their stories?
Is there any favorite snippet you would love to share?

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  1. I, generally, do not like slow narration. It kind of annoys me, when it comes to reading Chimamanda Adichie's writing, it's a pleasure. For her writing is so beautiful, soothing and authentic. Brilliant metaphors.

    Who's your favourite?

    1. I love slow narration. Why does it annoy you? Reading becomes a pleasure when I read beautifully done slow narration.