Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Moms Special Sarees: An Ode to the New-Age Mothers!

Over the years, the concept of Indian moms has undergone an intense makeover - from a stereotypical textbook version of a mother to first being a woman, who has her priorities sorted and straight. This transition has left everybody in awe and completely baffled. She prefers choices and isn’t afraid or feel guilty to exercise them - be it about wearing a saree to work or the decision to have kids or not. Be it about working post marriage or getting married at all!  She keeps herself first.

She keeps her health on priority and completely does away with the idea of putting her in the last. The emotional melodrama is also tossed out of the window. They don’t hesitate to walk out of a scene that drains them and their energy. This is something that definitely calls for the celebration! Happy Mother’s Day!

Bharatsthali enlists the new-age mothers from all over the world, who have brought a refreshing change in the melodramatic-sacrificing-helpless Mother India-esque landscape and of course, they all love to wear sarees on special days or their special visit to India.

Heera Modi

In her late nineties, Heera Ben Modi is a guiding light to many. Her son, Narendra Modi may be the Prime Minister of India, but she stays in her hometown, stands in the bank queues and takes an auto back home. Simple, contented and happy in wearing dharmavaram silk sarees. Such understated qualities in a human and she have them all!

Angelina Jolie

Does she need an introduction? She may not be a biological mother to her six kids, but she is their guiding light and has faced both compliments or critique because of them. She has had her share of bad relationships, flings and marriages but that never stopped her from taking the control her own life. Both her professional and personal life are inspiring and worthy to be chronicled.

Nita Ambani

She could singlehandedly be credited for the transformation of her son, Anant Ambani. When he struggled with severe health issues and obesity, she made sure that he wasn’t left alone to face the Internet trolls and associated complications. So, when he decided to knock a few pounds off, she was with him. She exercised and followed a strict diet along with him. All while she was managing the work. Talk about work-life balance and a strong bond with Kanjivaram pattu silk sarees as strong as this!

Madhu Chopra

Madhu Chopra ran away from home to be a doctor and likes to wear ikkat sarees in her daily routine. She is a certified pilot and can speak nine languages! Her daughter, Priyanka Chopra is her reflection when it comes to confidence and taking some bold decisions such as not wearing itsy-bitsy clothes and missing out on ten films in the early phase of her career.


WarisDirie might not be a popular name for you, but for over a million girl she is Godsend and a fighting warrior who saves them from atrocity like genital mutilation. Waris was a victim of genital mutilation when she was all of five and ran away from home because her father fixed her marriage with a man in his sixties. She came to London, became a model and eventually started her NGO- Desert Flower that fights against female genital mutilation. Besides, her view on teaching our sons about consent and gender equality are as relevant and much-needed in today’s time.

Your mother might be a single parent, who couldn’t make it to your PTA or basketball game every time because of her hectic work schedule, but because of her job, you are studying in the top college of your city and have a better chance at your future. She could be a stay-at-home mum, who hardly socialises but ensures that you and your family continue having their meals on time and have one less worry to take care of. She wouldn’t join or hang out with you and your friends post-school, but she makes sure that you are well-fed and your bed is ready.

So, while love for you and her desire to do good to the family remains the only constant, she isn’t going to let herself to be exploited by emotions or circumstances!

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  1. Beautiful writeup on how bold Indian women are . I too wearing sarees for special occassions. #SOEREADS #MyFriendAlexa