Monday, December 31, 2018

2018: The Year that was... A Note of Gratitude

In a few hours, we will ring in the new year.
And it is the perfect time to bid adieu to a wonderful year that gave me so many great memories to cherish.
It was a year where I learned a lot as a writer and as an individual. 

Right from the beginning, my plan was to write and publish more novels and short stories than I had done in 2017.
I accomplished that in the following manner.

Feb 1: Published 'His Sunshine Girl'on Amazon and it went on to become a #1 BestSeller and gave me a lot more readers than ever. Its success gave me the confidence to plunge myself into completing the next manuscript I was working on.

Feb 16: My short story Happily Ever After got published on Juggernaut Books. It is among the popular books on Juggernaut in its category Love, Sex and Romance though my book is a sweet romance. 

April 9: My short Story 'Dear Meera' got published on Juggernaut books. It is one of my favourites and is one of the popular books on Juggernaut in the books listed in the 'Áll Access' option.

June 14: My novel 'The Princess and the Superstar' was published on Amazon. It has been my most successful novel till date and went on to become #1 in Romance category on Amazon India. 

July 4: Another short story, 'Her Many Lives' went live on Juggernaut books. It was based on my past life regression experience with a lot of fiction thrown in.

July 28: Conducted a short story writing workshop in association with Juggernaut books at Atta Galatta. It was a very interesting experience. 

August 6: The next short story that got published on Juggernaut books was 'Fangirl'. It was a story which had developed from a contest prompt to write a flash fiction which went on to become a short story. It is one of my favourites till now. 

August 28: I republished 'My Red Knight', a previously published short story in an anthology as a short read on Amazon. It went on to become #1 Best Seller in Historical Fiction on Amazon India.

Nov 26: Completed my first NaNoWriMo Novel 'Remember When' and was declared a winner. I am currently polishing and editing it. Hoping to publish it by late January. 

Dec 1: Book Launch event of 'Jest Like that', a humour anthology I am part of compiled by Shinie Antony and published by Atta Galatta, happened at Bangalore at Mimansa@Foxtrot. It was a fun event and my short story 'The Wedding Night'garned quite some laughs when I read aloud an excerpt from it. The best thing was that I met with some of the best authors and people I adore.

Dec 18: Published 'A Christmas in London', a Christmas romedy on Amazon. It is currently the #1 hot new release in humour category on Amazon India. 

I had always wished to write a Christmas romance and this was a dream come true. 

Met many of my author friends at various events and also at planned meet-ups. Loved meeting Paromita, Sudha Nair, Reet Singh and Saiswaroopa. Looking forward to meeting the rest of my gang of Wrimos who have been such an inspiration to me. 

With author Sudha Nair

Another exciting thing that happened in 2018 was reconnecting with old friends. Met many school friends, college friends after connecting with them via Whatsapp and Facebook.

The year that passed was indeed very exciting. I had not set any specific goals. But I achieved more than I wished for. That itself gives me so much happiness.

Personally, I was able to gain closure on many things that happened to me in the past and let go of all things that no more served me.
It was also the year where we moved into our own nest. After months of searching, we finally found the apartment that suited us. 

It is with utmost gratitude that I am bidding adieu to 2018. You have been kind and wonderful.

Dear 2019, be as nice as your predecessor. I hope you guide me to become a better writer and individual.
Thank you, Universe, for all the blessings.

How was your 2018?

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