Sunday, September 1, 2013

Love stories: Happily ever after or Tragedy?

Sometimes we come across ordinary people with extra-ordinary love stories. Stories which change our age old beliefs and perceptions about love; some of them leave us with a heart ache that lasts long. Some fills us with positive thoughts. I prefer the latter.

The kinds of stories that touch my heart usually are of the same sort. One in which the hero and heroine undergoes the pang of separation after being truly and madly in love. The ones where the protagonists show unwavering love for each other and fate plays hand in bringing them together.

I do hate tragedies like plague. So if I get news that a particular novel or movie is a tragedy, I just don't waste my time on it.
If by chance I read one such story which leaves me sad at the end, I avoid reading other novels by such authors.
I mean, they are getting to play the role of god for the characters they create. So why do they waste time and energy, creating a story that leaves behind a heart ache, when he/she could easily have turned it around.

May be you people think I am a bit weird. May be I am.

After all, the greatest lovestories were tragedies. Romeo Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, Wuthering heights, Titanic, Othello, Tess o' dUrbervilles... the list is endless. And tragedy is, I have read all of these. They made me believe love stories were always tragedies. I remember reading tragedies during my teenage one after other. They left an indelible mark on my thinking. I used to believe it so strongly that I feared love in every way. So even if I felt a small love budding inside, I was careful to crush it without a second thought.

I really prefer stories with a positive ending. Almost all Jane Austen Novels, The scarlet pimpernel, Jane Eyre, Arms and the many. Now my diet of novels strictly belongs to this genre. If the novel I am reading end up as a tragedy, I feel deprived of my money and time.

So authors, if you want me as your fan, write one with a happy ending. When you play god, become a benevolent one please....


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    1. When you think about the ending of your novel/story, keep this in mind..O.k??


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