Thursday, September 5, 2013

Angels !!

Angel : A digital  photo manipulation I did.

Do angels really exist?
I believe, yes….

Not in the way that they are usually portrayed, as in the above photo, but in the human form.

Didn't an angel called mother, take care of us till we were able to eat, walk and take care of ourselves?

Wasn’t the angel called father, who took care that we had all the basic necessities in life?

Did you have an angel called brother or one called sister who hovered around showering you with love and protection?

And the angels called teachers; weren’t they the one who guided us and taught us lessons we had never forgotten?

And what about the angels called friends, who come unexpectedly into our lives and stays for a reason or for a season, but makes us laugh when we don’t even want to smile?

Yes, Angels do exist.

And when a stranger helps you out when you were helpless, you think he/she was an angel send by god to help you.

The lady in the bus who gave you seat when you were struggling to balance your grocery bag, kid and purse…Wasn’t she one too?

How about the man who pulled you back ,when you were crossing the road carelessly, unaware of the car that was fast approaching?

And the husband, who works hard to provide food,shelter and clothing for you and family?

And the wife, who after toiling hard at office, then works late until night to ensure that her family have  proper food and clean clothing ?

The housewife, who becomes everything to her husband and kids starting from being a cook, cleaner, teacher and guard?

And the neighbor who came with a bowl of food when you were sick and hungry?

And the small kid who smiled at you, when you were sad and thought the whole world hated you?

And the doctor who came to attend to you, even though he had finished his duties for the day?

Yes, they all were angels.

You won’t know when and how they will come into your life. They will come and touch you, in their own unique way, calming down your racing hearts and creating memories that last a life time.

And as time passes, unknown to yourself, you become an angel to many; as a mother/father, brother/sister, friend, teacher, wife, husband and in many other myriad forms.

So, there we go.

Angels do exist after all.

 To whom did you become an Angel today?